Chapter 503: Serious Praise

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Su Xiaomo never expected that she would spend the first date of her life in a hair salon…

The handsome stylist kept trying to make conversation. “Miss, is the water temperature alright… Would you like a massage… You have nice hair…”

On any normal day, Su Xiaomo would happily engage in chit chat. However, she didn’t utter a single word today.

No one would be happy after their date took them to a hair salon and they saw their wild hair in the mirror…

To avoid awkwardness, He Jiayu lay down at another sink to get his hair washed as well.

But… it only made things more awkward…

The guy washing her hair said enthusiastically, “Miss, your hair is a bit dirty. I’ll give it a double wash, alright?”

That was the final straw!

Damn it! Double wash my ass! I know my hair is dirty from all the wind and dust! You don’t have to make a public announcement!

“No! I don’t want it!” she bellowed.

However, He Jiayu, who was at the sink next to her, squeezed her hand and soothed her, “There, there. Be a good girl.”

Pffft —

Su Xiaomo could hear her heart shatter. Looking at He Jiayu and the embarrassed guy washing her hair in turn, she almost suspected that the two were in on it together!

This was so humiliating!

After the wash was done, the stylist blew dry her hair into a cute style. After some consideration, he curled her fringe as well.

When he was finished, Su Xiaomo was astonished when she looked in the mirror.

Being as rough as she was, she had never had her hair styled before. With the new hairstyle, her pretty features now looked radiant and enchanting, which almost made her want to cheer for herself: I’m falling in love with myself!

He Jiayu was also dazed for a brief moment when he saw her.

However, it was very brief. He came back to himself quickly enough and went to pay the bill.

Su Xiaomo stole a glance and saw him take out two hundred-yuan notes. She couldn’t believe it!

Two hundred yuan for a wash and a blowdry? Was their shampoo made of gold?

After they walked out, she said, “That was so expensive… Lunch is on me!”

As a modern young woman, she didn’t like to take advantage of boys even if it was a date. Splitting the bill was better.

He Jiayu glanced at her and chuckled. “You look very nice. The money was well spent.”

Those plain words were more touching in Su Xiaomo’s ears than any skillful flirtation.

Putting her hand over her thumping heart, she pretended to be perfectly calm.

However, she was terrible at acting. Her cheeks were pink and even the skin behind her ears turned red. He Jiayu’s eyes turned darker when he noticed it…

Because He Jiayu was a public figure, the two chose a western-style restaurant, which had fewer customers. After asking her for her preferences, He Jiayu ordered the food. Su Xiaomo was still mesmerized by her new loosely curled fringe and kept looking into the mirror. Even someone as mild and good-natured as He Jiayu couldn’t help but tease her, “Stop smirking!”

“Teehee, that’s what my pretty face is for.” Su Xiaomo covered her mouth regretfully as soon as she said those words.

He Jiayu smiled and nodded. “I agree with your statement.”

Hm… If he kept praising her in that serious tone, her little heart was going to burst…

Su Xiaomo was over the moon when her great mood was ruined by a glass of water that was splashed all over her face!

“Who are you? Why are you with Jiayu?” A girl with heavy makeup and smokey eyes came out of nowhere and questioned Su Xiaomo rudely!