Chapter 504: Luo Qianxi, Apologize!

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“F**k” couldn’t even begin to describe how Su Xiaomo felt at that moment…

She wiped away the water and looked at the girl with an impassive face.

Her curled fringe was gone and so was her sweet date. What was more, she had just been splashed with water as if she was a mistress caught in action.

Seeing that Su Xiaomo wouldn’t answer her, the smoky-eyed girl wanted to grab Su Xiaomo’s hair. However, He Jiayu stopped her and said with an expressionless face, “Luo Qianxi, apologize!”

Luo Qianxi turned toward him in disbelief and was struck by a faint memory.

If she remembered correctly, this girl was the one He Jiayu had helped at the nightclub!

He Jiayu had helped her that day and had brought her here to eat. So, they were probably on a date…

At that thought, Luo Qianxi was heartbroken. She now eyed Su Xiaomo maliciously.

Su Xiaomo picked up a tissue and calmly dried her face. She then smiled. “You know what? I’m a very touchy person.”

Luo Qianxi rolled her eyes. “Why should I care?”

“Heh.” Su Xiaomo sneered, picked up the creamy mushroom soup on the table, and threw it all over Luo Qianxi’s face!

“Aaah —” Luo Qianxi screamed. Su Xiaomo had picked up a second bowl of soup and was grinning at her. “Make another sound and this soup is going right up your nostrils!”

Luo Qianxi quieted down immediately at the threat. Lips quivering, she said, “Do you have any idea who I am? How dare you…”

“I don’t f**king care who you are!” Su Xiaomo bellowed at her. She then kicked the chair away and was going to leave.

“Su Xiaomo…” He Jiayu called after her with a frown.

Su Xiaomo looked over her shoulder. Her damp hair didn’t look as pretty, but her eyes had a nonchalant look in them.

“Please keep your distance if you haven’t taken care of your old love life. He Jiayu, I like you, but I didn’t ask you to like me back. Even if you don’t like me, please respect me!”

The confession of love that she had found so difficult to utter was blurted out just like that. Su Xiaomo only realized now that “I like you” wasn’t that hard a thing to say.

What was hard was the determination to stay in love and be together.

She didn’t think He Jiayu had that quality. When Luo Qianxi had remembered who she was, she had recognized Luo Qianxi as well.

She was the girl who had been dancing with him at the nightclub that day.

They had looked so intimate and familiar together that she had to either be a confidante or an ex-girlfriend.

Su Xiaomo might be as tough as any guy, but she was obsessively picky about relationships!

He Jiayu sighed. “It’s my fault. Let me drive you home.”

“No need. I can ride home.” Su Xiaomo left without looking back, leaving He Jiayu and Luo Qianxi behind to stare at each other.

Luo Qianxi gritted her teeth. “You were with her. How can you be with her? We grew up together. He Jiayu, don’t tell me you have no feelings for me!”

He Jiayu smiled mildly again, but there was nothing mild about the words that came out of his mouth. “Since when did I give you the illusion that I like you?”

Illusion? He called it an illusion?

“That’s impossible! I didn’t imagine it! If you didn’t like me, why did you help me get into showbiz? Why did you take care of me? Why…” Tears rolled down her cheeks and her eyes were red.

“I helped you because you were a neighbor and nothing more. And stop crying. Your acting is as awful as ever.”