Chapter 505: I’ve Decided to Stop Liking Him!

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Luo Qianxi slowly stopped weeping.

“What do you mean…” Had he seen through her? Did he know she was faking it?

The scene in which the three of them had made set the waiter on edge. Seeing this, He Jiayu beckoned him over, settled the bill, and walked out with steady paces.

The waiter let out a breath of relief. However, he saw that the girl left behind was now staring at He Jiayu with hatred as he walked away. She then screamed hysterically and upended the entire table.

Plates and bowls cracked as they landed on the floor in broken pieces.

“He Jiayu! You’ll never be happy as long as you live! I won’t allow it!”

The hospital.

The doctor gave An Xiaxia another round of routine treatment and prescribed her some medicine. Sheng Yize asked in a serious tone, “Is she going to stay this dumb?”

Pfft —

An Xiaxia was hurt.

“You’re the dumb one!” she retorted.

Sheng Yize gave her a sideway glance and squeezed her hand. The little woman puffed up her cheeks at him.

The doctor smiled. “She should be alright. As long as she’s not overstimulated, she’ll be back to normal soon.”

“Thank you.” Sheng Yize nodded at the doctor and let out a breath of relief. An Xiaxia asked in frustration, “Have I been that dumb recently?”

Sheng Yize rubbed her little head affectionately. Just when An Xiaxia thought he was going to offer some comforting words, Sheng Yize said gently, “No, you’ve always been this dumb.”

An Xiaxia: “…”

Monday, early morning.

An Xiaxia waited and waited until Su Xiaomo finally came. She asked anxiously, “What’s going on with you? You didn’t pick up your phone and wouldn’t return my messages for two days.”

“My phone ran out of battery and I forgot to recharge it.” Su Xiaomo forced a smile.

An Xiaxia hesitated a little and asked, “Your date with He Jiayu…”

Su Xiaomo rolled her eyes. “Forget it. We’re finished. I’ve decided to stop liking him!”

An Xiaxia was all the more confused at those words. However, Su Xiaomo wouldn’t talk about it and she didn’t want to press her.

The first bell rang and the teacher walked in. An Xiaxia went back to her seat and waited for the class to begin.

After the last period of the day, Bai Ziyue, their class teacher, came to inform them that there would be mock exams that Friday.

It was said that the grades from these exams would be very important, for they would be included in the overall score after the final exams, which would also determine which class each student would be allocated to for Year 2.

An Xiaxia listened to this with a distressed expression on her face. She stole a glance at Sheng Yize and was glad to see his handsome profile. It was clear that he was carefully following what the teacher was saying.

She secretly let out a breath of relief. However, Sheng Yize seemed to have read her mind. He asked lazily, “Do you think you’ll be able to get good grades?”

“Hm… You’ll still be my boyfriend if you change the subject right now!” An Xiaxia rubbed her head. She had been absent so much this term that her grades had dropped to a level below average. The possibility of her doing well was about the same as Mars smashing into Earth…

Sheng Yize raised an eyebrow. “I’ll tutor you at your place tonight.”

Qi Yanxi joined in. “I’ll be there, too! Uncle An said he’s making fish-flavored shredded pork and spare rib soup tonight!”

“What do we need you for? Get lost!” Sheng Yize gave him a stern sidelong glance.

An Xiaxia tensed up right away, fearing that Qi Yanxi would lose his temper.

One second… two seconds…

Half a minute passed, but Qi Yanxi was still fooling around. “Where should I get lost to, then? Xiaxia’s bedroom or her living room?”

Sheng Yize gave up at Qi Yanxi’s shameless reaction.

The three of them then left the classroom together. A moment later, a slender figure entered and put an exam paper on An Xiaxia’s desk…