Chapter 506: From Now On, We’re Your Closest Family

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The An family.

Qi Yanxi gobbled down half of the food like a wolf cub. He then lay down on the sofa to watch TV while rubbing his plump stomach. It was clear that he had made himself at home.

Sheng Yize went to An Xiaxia’s room to help her with her studies. He combed through the topics for her before moving on to explain the key chapters to her.

He was a remarkably bright student to begin with and put all his heart into tutoring her. He would go over the same section over and over again until An Xiaxia understood it thoroughly.

“Dummy… Get it now?” Sheng Yize flicked her forehead with his finger.

“Hm… I guess…” An Xiaxia lowered her head in shame. Sheng Yize didn’t press her. After all, he couldn’t make her a genius overnight. He then found her an exercise book. “Try some problems. Come to me if you can’t solve them.”

After that, he moved his chair back and rose to his feet. An Xiaxia looked up in confusion. “Where are you going?”

“I’m going to give Qi Yanxi a speech on life and the future.”

In the living room, Qi Yanxi was watching a cliche drama with Papa An when Sheng Yize dragged him up.

“Hey… what now? Let go of my collar! Don’t make me punch you in the face!” he threatened Sheng Yize half-heartedly.

Sheng Yize snorted and dragged him to the rooftop.

Qi Yanxi was so full that he could barely move. He leaned on the rooftop wall and said in a disgruntled voice, “What’s wrong with you? I need to finish that drama!”

“Qi Yanxi, what are you doing here? So the An family is your own family and Xiaxia your little sister now? Do you enjoy fooling yourself?”

The cool night breeze ruffled Qi Yanxi’s hair before it settled gently, giving him a slightly disheveled but nice hairstyle.

“Of course I do. Why shouldn’t I?” Qi Yanxi smiled self-mockingly. “I’m not going to steal her away from you. Is that not enough?”

To give up on one’s beloved required a lot of energy and he had only made that decision after much consideration.

Sheng Yize took out a cigarette pack. He tossed a cigarette at Qi Yanxi, then got himself one, too.

However, at the thought of An Xiaxia’s rhinitis, he put it back.

Qi Yanxi lit his cigarette and sneered at Sheng Yize. “You henpecked man!”

Sheng Yize leaned on the low wall at the edge of the roof as well. “In fact, I’m alright with you treating this place as your own home. Even An Xiaxia can become your family.”

“Really?” Qi Yanxi was elated.

Sheng Yize looked at him with an impassive face. “Now, call me dad and from now on, we’ll be your closest family members.”

“Screw you!” Qi Yanxi’s roar resonated on the rooftop.

Because of the upcoming exams, every teacher had been assigning them exercise papers like there was no tomorrow. When the morning classes were over, An Xiaxia’s desk was covered in papers.

She stuffed them all into her bag and planned to do them tonight at home.

Sheng Yize tutored her again that night. He selected some important questions for her, most of which were the difficult problems used as the last questions in exam papers.

The last two problems in the maths paper were extremely difficult and it took Sheng Yize forever to explain them to An Xiaxia. The complicated steps in the solutions almost took up the entire paper and looked rather intimidating.

After the week of intensive tutoring sessions, An Xiaxia walked into the exam room in a flurry. However, when she opened the maths exam paper, she was baffled.

The last two questions were identical to those on that paper she had worked on.

Since when was their maths teacher so nice? He had taken the questions straight out of their exercise book?

With that thought, An Xiaxia picked up her pen and some draft paper and solved the two problems in no time.

Li Canxing, who was in the same exam room with her, smiled when she saw An Xiaxia write down her solutions…