Chapter 508: You Have No Right to Judge Her (2)

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“What exam paper…” An Xiaxia vaguely felt something was wrong, but couldn’t tell what it was.

“Stop acting! An Xiaxia, I’ve never met a student like you! This is outrageous!” The maths teacher was so angry that his lips were quivering. “I know you’re not good at maths, but I never gave up on you! Your class teacher told me that you have good grades. As long as you pass maths, you have a good chance of getting into a good university. But what have you done? Instead of working hard, you’re all about petty tricks!”

Some other teachers with no classes this period were also in the office, and they turned their gazes on An Xiaxia at the maths teacher’s bellowing.

An Xiaxia felt as if she was on pins and needles. The searching or disdainful looks they gave her made her very uncomfortable.

“Sir, what are you talking about… I don’t understand…” she said timidly.

The maths teacher snorted. “See for yourself! You got 76 out of 100!”

An Xiaxia glanced at the paper and was even more baffled. “Sir, I passed… This is the best grade I’ve gotten this year…”

What did the maths teacher expect of her? Over 90?

The maths teacher rolled his eyes. “Heh, do you think I don’t know about your capability? You? 76? Look, you got the simple questions wrong, but the last two difficult ones right! Who are you trying to fool here? Did you copy another student’s answer or did you buy the exam paper beforehand?”

An Xiaxia’s blood ran cold at those words.

Her first reaction was: this was pure slander.

If she wanted to copy someone else, Sheng Yize would definitely let her. She would get full marks without breaking a sweat!

As for stealing the exam paper or buying it… What was the teacher thinking?

“I didn’t! I solved them myself!” An Xiaxia said with teary eyes. “Someone has been tutoring me and he happened to teach me these problems. That was why I was able to solve them…”

“Why, such a coincidence? Same problems? So not only were the questions the same, even the numbers used were identical?!” the maths teacher said sarcastically. “Speak! Where did you see these problems?”

An Xiaxia swallowed. “They were from the mock exam paper you gave us…”

Bang —

The maths teacher smacked the table. “You’re lying to your teacher now? You really are something! I’ve been teaching for over a decade and I’ve never met a student like you! How did your parents bring you up? Do they know how abominable you are? Admit it or you’ll be getting a disciplinary punishment!”

An Xiaxia had never heard such harsh words from a teacher before and she was on the verge of bursting into tears. She clenched her fists so tight that her knuckles went white.

“I’m not lying!” She articulated her protest. “And, I’ve been a student for over a decade and I’ve never met a teacher like you!”

The entire office hushed up at those words.

Speechless, the maths teacher flushed. He had never expected An Xiaxia to talk back!

“Where is that paper?” he asked through gritted teeth.

An Xiaxia went back to get it. Seeing her like that, her classmates were all the more surprised.

She took the paper out of her bag and was going to go back when Sheng Yize took her hand and whispered, “What’s wrong? Why are you crying…?”

An Xiaxia shook her head. “It’s nothing, just a misunderstanding. I’ll figure it out.”

She went back to the office and handed the paper to the maths teacher.

He gave it a glance and sneered. “I see you didn’t just have the last few problems. You have the whole paper! Tell me again, you didn’t steal it?”