Chapter 509: You Have No Right to Judge Her (3)

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An Xiaxia was thus officially deemed the thief.

The teachers smacked their lips and were amazed. “I never thought that was possible… Getting hold of the exam questions is one thing, but the entire paper? That could get her expelled…”

An Xiaxia went pale.

That paper had been in the whole pile on her desk. Sheng Yize had only asked her to do the last two questions and she had ignored the rest of the paper.

She now realized that it was indeed identical to the exam paper…

How could that happen… How did the exam paper appear on her desk?

Seeing An Xiaxia’s pale face, the maths teacher was even more certain. At the thought of the way An Xiaxia had humiliated him just then in front of so many teachers, he decided to cow her into submission. Clearing his throat, he said in a stern voice, “The nature of your violation is so vile that I’m reporting it to the school board. The principal will run a thorough investigation!”

An Xiaxia was trembling and she was still trying to justify herself. “I didn’t steal it…”

“You should know better than anyone else what you’ve done.” The maths teacher’s tone grew malicious. “Disrespect your teacher and you still want to stay in Qixia? You’re such a piece of work!”

An Xiaxia bit her lip hard and murmured.,”I didn’t do it… I swear…”

She had always been a good girl who wouldn’t fight for anything. With her carefree attitude and the fact that her family never gave her any pressure to get good grades, she couldn’t care less what marks she got.

The grades meant very little to her.

Would someone like her risk everything to steal an exam paper to get good grades?

“Hmph! I know perfectly well what’s going on between you and that so-and-so in your class. With his grades, he’s bound to go into the science class in Year 2, but not you, with your grades! Are you trying to boost your ranking so that you can get into the same class as him?” The maths teacher gave her a disdainful look. “Did your family teach you this? Grab the first chance you have with a rich guy and make yourself Cinderella?”

That mean comment raised a round of jeers from the teachers.

An Xiaxia looked around in a flurry. These teachers that she had always looked up to turned out to be human as well. They would gossip and judge others without a shred of evidence…

The laughter rang in her ears like a spell and she couldn’t take it anymore. She raised her voice. “I really didn’t steal it! Sir, why are you slandering me?! If you’re sure that I did it, show me your evidence!”

“Evidence? This is evidence!” The maths teacher smacked the paper for which she had only solved the two last problems.

“What does that prove? Did you see me steal it with your own eyes? Was I caught on surveillance cameras? You have nothing on me!” Enraged, An Xiaxia protested!

The teachers stopped laughing at her words and turned in unison to look at the maths teacher.

A female teacher was compelled to take An Xiaxia’s side. “She has a point. Maybe there was a leak. Mr. Liu, you should look into it first before losing your temper!”

Hearing this, the maths teacher felt all the more humiliated. Seeing An Xiaxia stubbornly refusing to yield, he was overwhelmed by his fury. Picking up a pen holder from his desk, he threw it at An Xiaxia!

The sharp edge hit her smooth forehead and blood oozed out!

The maths teacher’s face twisted. “Admit it or leave Qixia!”