Chapter 51: Idiot!

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“Mister, if you keep coming at me, I’m going to call the cops!” An Xiaxia pulled out her phone as she shouted in a shaky tone.

The man completely ignored her threats while he approached her with a hideous grin on his face.

He took several steps closer and An Xiaxia retreated continuously, her face filled with nervousness.

It was right when the man was within arm’s reach that a fierce and accurate punch suddenly landed on his face and the man cried out in pain as he fell to the ground.

“Who did it? Who are you? You dare hit me, do you think I won’t call the police?!” The man cursed while An Xiaxia was shocked to see who it was.

Sheng Yize flexed his fingers as he replied in a cold, calm voice, “So when you get hit, you know you should call the police? How about when you’re harassing a young girl? Holding other people up to a saint’s standards but keeping trash standards for yourself. Mister, you’re really something else.”

The man was struck speechless and when his two friends saw how Sheng Yize didn’t look like someone to be messed with, they quickly helped the drunk man up and fled in a wretched state.

“Are you alright?” Sheng Yize asked awkwardly.

An Xiaxia shook her head, before timidly asking, “You didn’t leave?”

Sheng Yize readjusted his cap. “Ah, I left something behind, so I came back to look for it.”

“Oh… thanks. What did you leave behind? I’ll help you look for it!” An Xiaxia eagerly volunteered.

“…” Sheng Yize was quiet for a while before he let out a “Idiot!”

“What, why are you mad again?!” An Xiaxia’s eyebrows scrunched together. “I may not be smart, but my IQ is still normal. Why are you always calling me stupid?”

Sheng Yize sulked and didn’t want to bicker with her anymore. Instead, he grabbed her by the back of her collar and dragged her along.

“Hey! Where are you taking me?”

“Home!” Sheng Yize coldly replied, but switched positions with An Xiaxia nonetheless, so that she was walking on the inside of the sidewalk away from the road.

An Xiaxia didn’t notice his considerate maneuver and only found his anger really abominable!

After they got into the car, Sheng Yize let the driver know the address for the An family home, then sat back to rest with his eyes closed.

After rushing the recent jobs and handling the little woman’s trivial things, he was rather exhausted.

An Xiaxia sneaked out her cell phone, logged into a side account, and diligently began to write a post, ready to trash Sheng Yize!

Hmph! She needed to ruthlessly complain about such an awful man. She would trash him and trash him some more!

The cold air outside rushed in through the car window and she couldn’t help but shiver.

September in Yu City meant that there was still a bit of light despite it being late. However, the temperature had dropped quite a bit.

An Xiaxia was in the middle of passionately writing her post when an article of clothing covered her head. At the same time, the car window was rolled up.

“Huh?” An Xiaxia pulled the garment down a bit and from the faint light of her cell phone, she realized that it was a man’s jacket. From the style, it probably belonged to Sheng Yize…

Ah… Why was he suddenly being so nice to her…

“Put it on. You’re already not smart. What would happen if you became stupid from the cold?” Sheng Yize purposely added on the sarcasm.

An Xiaxia was speechless. He really was a vengeful guy…

Originally, she wanted to stand her ground and refuse it, but it was so cold. After thinking it through, she still wore the jacket.

The teenager’s jacket was rather large, but it was warm and had his unique scent on it that was clean and fresh.

With his jacket on, An Xiaxia looked at her half-finished post and suddenly didn’t know what to write any more.

While she was in a daze, Sheng Yize suddenly shifted over and asked, “What are you doing? What do you mean by ‘a male celebrity surnamed S is presumptuous and has a disgustingly bad temper…'”

Ahhh! She had been discovered!