Chapter 510: You Have No Right to Judge Her (4)

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An Xiaxia only found all of this so ridiculous that her tears finally fell.

It was absurd, so absurd.

Her vision was going dark and she felt like she could faint any moment. However, she fought to keep her composure. “I’m not leaving unless the school expels me!”

Infuriated, the maths teacher raised his hand, but two other teachers stopped him.

“Gosh, Mr. Liu, calm down. You can’t hit a student!”

“Exactly. Let’s talk it over. Calm down…”

The maths teacher opened his eyes wide. “Fine, you can stay if your mother comes here and apologizes to me in writing! I need a written statement, or as long as I’m a teacher here, you’re not staying in my class!”

An Xiaxia couldn’t take it anymore and burst into tears.


She had no mother…

Who was she supposed to turn to? Why did some ignorant people open her old wounds all the time…

The maths teacher thought his words had intimidated her and his ego recovered a little. However, something dawned on him and he faintly recalled that he had seen An Xiaxia’s registration form from her class teacher before.

Her mother was registered as deceased…

He was mollified slightly and looked uneasy. “Well, An Xiaxia…”

An Xiaxia wiped her tears and ran out of the office.

Everyone else was still having classes and the school grounds were very quiet. She cried as she walked with blood still oozing out of her forehead. She looked miserable.

She didn’t want to go back to the classroom, didn’t want her classmates to see her like this; she didn’t know what to say to Sheng Yize. All she wanted now was to go home.

She ran to the front gate, but security wouldn’t let her out no matter what. “Without a note, I can’t let you leave! You need a note from your class teacher!”

All her grievances broke out at that moment. Crouching down outside the security room, she cried uncontrollably.

The security took pity on her. “Miss, are you hurt? How about you go to the infirmary first? If you want to go home, you can ask your family to pick you up. I can’t have you run out all by yourself. I can’t take that big a responsibility!”

Just then, a shiny black Rolls-Royce stopped outside and a man got out in a hurry. He called out in a sympathetic voice, “Xiaxia… Is that you?”

An Xiaxia looked up. Wearing a black suit, Mr. Song was looking at her nervously.

He went up to her right away. Crouching down in front of her, he touched her head affectionately. “What happened to you? Are you hurt? Did you get into a fight? Is it painful… Let me take you to a hospital!”

People were always exceptionally fragile when they were hurt. Hearing Mr. Song’s concerned tone, An Xiaxia hugged him and cried on his shoulder. Between broken sobs, she told him what happened.

Mr. Song patted her on her back and covered her wound with a handkerchief. The look on his face turned grim.

How dare that teacher do such things to An Xiaxia!

He helped An Xiaxia to her feet and ordered in a grave tone, “Xiao Jin, take her to a hospital first. Lu, come with me!”

Xiao Jin was his assistant and Lu his driver.


An Xiaxia looked very pitiful with her rabbit-like red eyes and the blood on her face. Mr. Song felt a stabbing pain in his chest.

“Don’t worry, I’ll handle it!” he promised in a mild voice.

Without knowing why, An Xiaxia nodded. She even looked back at him through the window after getting into the car.

It seemed that this uncle wasn’t the sort of weirdo she had thought he was, but genuinely cared for her…