Chapter 52: I Like You!

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An Xiaxia clumsily tried to cover her screen while pretending to be calm. “It’s nothing. You’re seeing things.”

Sheng Yize raised his eyebrows and suddenly made an “ah” sound. “What’s going on up ahead?”

An Xiaxia glanced toward the front of the car but saw nothing.

Before she knew it, Sheng Yize had snatched the phone out of her hands.

He glanced down at it when An Xiaxia quickly grabbed his arm and loudly shouted, “Sheng Yize, I like you!”

Sheng Yize’s hand shook a bit but it was barely noticeable. He raised his head and an odd look flashed through his eyes.

When the driver heard these words, his heart started to beat rapidly. Oh my!That was right, it should be like this!

His young master finally had someone who liked him! Aww!

An Xiaxia let out an ingratiating smile. “How did you grow up to be this handsome? You can sing, and even know how to play the piano! Oh my, I’m completely smitten with you!”

Seeing her infatuated act, Sheng Yize wearily said, “Your acting is too exaggerated and fake.”

Despite his words, the corners of his lips still curved up a little.

While he was distracted with how pleased he felt, An Xiaxia took this chance to steal back her cell phone, but Sheng Yize dodged backward and she rushed forward in pursuit. The next moment, they found themselves in a position with her on top and Sheng Yize on the bottom.

When the driver looked in the rearview mirror and saw them, he nearly mistook the gas pedal for the brake!

Sheng Yize felt his body stiffen and he coughed a few times. “An Xiaxia, control yourself.”

Control… yourself…

Those two words almost choked An Xiaxia.

My god! Don’t make it sound like that, alright?!

She ground her teeth and since she had already come this far, she climbed over him and snatched back her phone.

After getting her phone back, An Xiaxia immediately revealed a happy expression and was about to retreat when Sheng Yize pulled her head into his arms!

“Mhm… Bastard! What are you doing?!” An Xiaxia wheezed.

Sheng Yize’s voice sounded lazy and deep as he caressed her hair. “You’re already so forward with your feelings, then how about we do some… unspeakable things?”

An Xiaxia’s face rapidly flushed red and she began to struggle. “No, no, I don’t want to! Pfft! You’re a famous celebrity, how can you be so tawdry?!”

Sheng Yize chuckled. “I haven’t even said anything yet. Aren’t you the one who’s thinking dirty things?”

An Xiaxia’s head was pressed against his chest and she could hear his steady and strong heartbeat. Her face was getting redder and hotter.

The driver almost whistled in jubilation. Wow! His young master was awesome! Talk about “it never rains but it pours”! His flirting could make even a middle-aged man like him sigh with admiration!

Sheng Yize raised An Xiaxia’s chin, forcing her to look directly at him. His gaze was as deep and profound as the starry night, while the mole under his eye made him look even more seductive and mysterious.

“Just now when you said you liked me, was it true?” His voice was low, which made An Xiaxia’s heart skip a beat.

She really wanted to tell him that it was a lie! She only liked Rong Che!

However, the words never left her lips. She didn’t know how to say them.

An Xiaxia opened her mouth, but no words came out after a long time. She then punched him as she angrily shouted, “Whether I like you or not is none of your business!”

She instantly regretted it as soon as she hit him.

Oh my… She still owed Sheng Yize a lot of money. What would she do if he got so mad that he tore up their contract…

Surprisingly, Sheng Yize didn’t get mad and instead, he began laughing and spouting words that made An Xiaxia so furious that she ground her teeth.

“You should really lose some weight. You’re really heavy on top of me…”

An Xiaxia felt her blood pressure rise and she rolled her eyes at the sky.