Chapter 520: Sis… Let Me Go

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Sheng Qingyi didn’t see Sheng Yize’s reaction and was still mumbling to himself. However, An Xiaxia noticed it and grabbed Sheng Yize right away.

He was going to beat his father up.

“Calm down… Let’s go check on Grandpa Sheng, shall we?” she asked.

She didn’t want to see father and son turn on each other.

Sheng Yize rubbed his temples and sighed. “Let’s go.”

His little fool.

Inside the ward, Grandma Sheng sat by the bed, holding Grandpa Sheng’s hand. She wasn’t crying, but her voice trembled. “Old fool… I’m so glad you’re alright… I kept thinking that if anything happens to you, I won’t be able to go on living… We’ve made it this far. I know you can’t bear to leave me behind like this…”

There was no sound in the room other than the old lady’s murmurs.

Grandpa Sheng hadn’t woken up yet, but Grandma Sheng wouldn’t let go of his hand.

An Xiaxia was moved to tears. Sheng Yize, on the other hand, felt a sense of relief. After comforting Grandma Sheng briefly, he went to talk with the doctor in charge.

He confirmed with the doctor repeatedly that Grandpa Sheng’s condition was no longer life-threatening, and only then was his mind at rest.

“Go take a nap…” An Xiaxia tugged his sleeve. Sheng Yize rubbed her head. “You go ahead. I want to stay here for a bit longer.”

An Xiaxia was indeed exhausted. She said alright and went back to the lounge alone. She fell asleep as soon as her head touched the pillow.

The other side of the world.

In a movie theater.

The ghastly lighting, the bathroom splattered with blood, and an emaciated hand silently reaching out of the toilet…

Chi Yuanfeng huddled in his seat, quivering like a leaf in the wind.

“Hahahaha — this is awesome!” Next to him, a girl with a slight figure wouldn’t stop chortling. To Chi Yuanfeng, she was even scarier than this horror movie.

“Stop… stop laughing…” Chi Yuanfeng said weakly. The girl darted him a sidelong glance. “You’re not scared, are you?”

Chi Yuanfeng nodded and the girl laughed mercilessly at him.

With her bright eyes and shiny teeth, she was quite a beauty when she beamed, but there was a wickedness to her smile. “I’m going to punish you for being so spineless! You’re going to watch it 100 times!”

Chi Yuanfeng nibbled his fingers and wanted to get as far away from this devilish girl as possible.

He had come to Country M to shoot an ad when he had run into the princess of the legendary gang — Imminent Night.

After saving her from a potential crisis, instead of thanking him, she had blamed him for ruining her “observation of real life.”

“I’ve never been kidnapped before. Who gave you permission to save me and how are you going to make up for it?!” The princess seemed to have devil horns growing out of her head when she dragged him into the movie theatre for this horror film.

“Sis… Please let me go…” Chi Yuanfeng went on pleading. The princess then seemed to come up with an interesting idea. She beckoned with a fair and slender finger and a few bodyguards in black suits emerged from the shadows. They greeted her in unison. “Yes, Miss Fang!”

“Hm, tie him up, then lock him up in here and have him watch horror movies.” Fang Shanshan gave the instructions with a smile before strutting away in her high heels. Behind her, Chi Yuanfeng felt as hopeless as a lamb headed for the slaughterhouse.

Back at home.

Grandpa Sheng woke up as dawn broke. Only then was Sheng Yize going to get some rest.

Halfway to the lounge, he got a distress call from Chi Yuanfeng…

When An Xiaxia woke up, Sheng Yize wasn’t there, which made her panic a little.

Something even more frightening then followed… She heard a cat meowing in the corridor. After that, the door to the lounge opened and Li Fanxing walked toward her with a cat in her arms.