Chapter 521: I Remember It All (1)

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An Xiaxia felt the hair stand up on her back and she backed away in a flurry.

Li Fanxing stopped by her bed, looking as graceful as if she was taking a walk.

Seeing the look on An Xiaxia’s face, she cheered inwardly.

So, the information she had was real. An Xiaxia was indeed scared of cats! The effort to obtain that information had been worthwhile!

“Li Fanxing, what are you doing here?” An Xiaxia asked, turning pale.

“Grandpa Sheng was in critical condition last night… Of course I’m here out of concern. As youngsters, we should make sure the elders can have all their wishes granted, right? I know Grandpa Sheng likes cats, so I brought one…”

Grandma Sheng walked in at that moment and the rims of Li Fanxing’s eyes turned red right away. Holding the old lady’s hands, she whimpered, which made Grandma Sheng cry as well and she then couldn’t stop praising Li Fanxing for being such a considerate girl.

Li Fanxing dabbed the corners of her eyes, but An Xiaxia could tell that she had no tears at all!

Li Fanxing then cried out softly, “Why, I remembered that Grandpa Sheng likes cats and I thought I could bring him one, but I don’t think I should take it into his ward given his current condition.”

“That’s so thoughtful of you… I’m afraid you’ll have to take it back.” Grandma Sheng thought the same, but she looked a little disappointed.

Li Fanxing blinked. “Xiaxia, how about you hold on to it for the time being and bring it to Grandpa Sheng after he gets better?”

Despite the question in her tone, she still stuffed the cat into An Xiaxia’s arms.

An Xiaxia fought back her impulse to scream. The cat then rubbed against her, which gave her goosebumps. It was worse than killing her.

“I know you won’t disappoint Grandpa and Grandma Sheng, right?” Li Fanxing smiled beatifically and stared at her with her bright eyes.

Grandma Sheng looked at An Xiaxia affectionately — she didn’t know about An Xiaxia’s cat phobia.

“I…” An Xiaxia wanted to say something, but couldn’t bring herself to. She summoned all her courage and smiled at Grandma Sheng. “Grandma Sheng, go get some rest… I’ll take care of the kitten for now…”

Grandma Sheng had stayed up most of the night and at her age, that had exhausted her. She went to take a nap soon after that.

Li Fanxing gave An Xiaxia a haughty look. “Be careful with that.”

She promptly left in her high heels. The next second, An Xiaxia dropped the cat on the bed and stayed as far away as possible from it in a corner of the room.

Cats were proud animals to start with. Sensing her attitude, the cat meowed unhappily, then lay down on the pillow and slept.

An Xiaxia huddled on the sofa and shivered with fear.

A couple of hours later, the cat began to cry, which sounded shrill and terrifying in the confined space.

A nurse heard the noise and came in, and asked curiously, “Have you fed it yet? Go on. You can’t starve such a cute kitten.”

An Xiaxia was going to ask her to feed it, but the nurse had closed the door and left.

She had no choice but to fumble around amidst the stuff Li Fanxing had brought. She then found some cat food and small dried fish, put them in a small bowl, and put it on the floor.

“Meow!” The ungrateful cat kept making noise. An Xiaxia couldn’t take it anymore. She rushed to the bathroom and threw up.

It was horrible… forcing her to stay in the same room with the creature that scared her the most…

The cat was quite perceptive. It licked its soft paw, swiftly padded into the bathroom, then patted An Xiaxia on her shin.

An Xiaxia screamed. Her head was pounding and some memories broke out of a dark corner of her mind…