Chapter 522: I Remember It All (2)

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The airport.

By the time Sheng Yize took Chi Yuanfeng back to Yu City, it was two o’clock in the morning.

Reporters swarmed them as soon as they walked out of the airport. Sheng Yize pushed Chi Yuanfeng into the crowd and lowered his own cap. “See you!”

“Aaah — Brother, how can you do this to me?!” Chi Yuanfeng howled, while Sheng Yize briskly left the airport.

As soon as he got into his car, he got a phone call from Grandma Sheng.

“Yize, are you back yet? Xiaxia’s missing!”

The look on Sheng Yize’s face turned grim right away. He shouted at the driver, “Out!”

The driver scrambled out of the car, Sheng Yize floored the gas pedal, and the car shot out at lightning speed.

He reached the hospital as fast as he could, where he was greeted by an anxious Grandma Sheng. “No camera caught her leaving the hospital, but I’ve had people searching for her everywhere and we still can’t find her.”

Sheng Yize took a few deep breaths, fought back his anxiety, and began to think with his head.

Where could she go?

There were only two possibilities now. One, she had hidden somewhere herself and two, someone had taken her…

He then had people pull surveillance videos in the nearby area to check for anything suspicious.

As for the first possibility… He pondered and pushed open the door to the room An Xiaxia had slept in.

Sheng Yize then heard the lazy meows of a cat and his face turned livid. He bellowed furiously, “Who put a cat in her room?!”

Grandma Sheng realized something wasn’t right and mumbled, “Fanxing brought me the cat and I asked Xiaxia to take care of it for a while…”

“Cats frighten her! She has a phobia!” Sheng Yize’s face turned dark and Grandma Sheng was shocked. “How can that be…”

Sheng Yize tore the room apart, leaving no stone unturned. However, there was no sign of An Xiaxia.

It was only when he spotted the closet in the room that it suddenly dawned on him where An Xiaxia could be hiding…

Some confined, dark and unnoticeable corner…

He strode out of the room and grabbed the first nurse that passed by. “Where are the utility rooms in this hospital?”

His intimidating air scared the nurse and she pointed in one direction with a shaking finger. “There’s one next to the morgue…”

Before she could finish, Sheng Yize had sprinted off. The nurse was baffled. What was Young Master Sheng up to?

He reached the morgue in no time. Looking around, he spotted the tiny utility room next door.

He took a deep breath and yanked the door open.

It was cramped inside. There were dilapidated tables, chairs, and cleaning tools. Other than those, there was also a rusty closet…

Sheng Yize knocked on the closet. “Xiaxia… are you in there?”

There was nothing but silence.

Lowering his gaze in disappointment, he suddenly heard the faint sound of breathing in the room…

His pupils contracted and he pulled the closet door open.

A row of dirty white coats were hanging inside and it smelled moldy.

The sound of breathing grew more distinct.

With shaking fingers, he moved the white coats to one side. In the dark, a tiny figure huddled in the innermost corner and was sleeping quietly.

“Xiaxia…” He called her name and gently carried her out.

Under the moonlight, Sheng Yize could see that An Xiaxia’s exquisite face was streaked with tears.

An Xiaxia woke up with a start and opened her teary eyes. She burst into tears when she recognized his face.

“I – I remember so many things… I remember it all. Sheng Yize, I’m so scared…”