Chapter 523: You’re All I Have

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Boom —

Something exploded in his head. Sheng Yize could hear his own voice trembling. “What do you remember?”

An Xiaxia kept crying. She remembered it all.

Everything. The good, the bad, the bright bits, and the dark bits. However, she didn’t dare believe any of them, nor did she want to.

An Xiaxia wrapped her arms around Sheng Yize’s neck with all her strength; big drops of tears wet Sheng Yize’s shirt.

Sheng Yize patted her on the back. Despite the throbbing pain in his chest, he didn’t press her, but only consoled her in a low voice.

After what seemed like forever, An Xiaxia exhausted herself crying and dozed off in his arms. He then carried her in both arms back to the lounge.

Grandma Sheng went up to him and said apologetically, “Sorry… I really didn’t know Xiaxia’s afraid of cats… Is she alright?”

An Xiaxia lay in bed with a tearstained face and Sheng Yize cleaned it carefully with a hot towel. He forced a smile. “Grandma, I’ll take care of her. Don’t worry. Go get some rest now, or Grandpa will be worried.”

“Alright…” Grandma Sheng gave An Xiaxia another concerned look before leaving the room, supported by a nurse.

She had already had the cat sent away, so that An Xiaxia wouldn’t be frightened again.

As soon as he wiped An Xiaxia’s face clean, Sheng Yize saw tears trickle down her cheeks again.

“Dummy… Why are you crying so much…” He sighed and wiped her face again.

An Xiaxia felt like she was having the longest dream.

It was like she was another person, looking in on her old life.

It was probably when she was six years old. She was just a little kid who was bullied in the orphanage. Older kids would take her food all the time. She went to tell the adults, but they only rolled their eyes indifferently.

She wasn’t smart, pretty, or enough of a sweet talker. The other kids were adopted one after another, but she would only hide in a corner, and turned into a bag of bones from starvation.

Everything changed when Zhou Bo showed up.

Back then, Zhou Bo had been in high and vigorous spirits. He had gotten married and had a successful career, but they couldn’t have children. So, he arrived at the orphanage to adopt one.

He liked An Xiaxia as soon as his eyes landed on her. The day the adoption went through and he went to pick An Xiaxia up, he held her hand and took her to KFC, where she had a sundae and fried chicken. The little girl ate her food shyly, until her stomach was plump.

At first, Zhou Bo treated her nicely, but then conflict arose…

She heard Zhou Bo’s beautiful wife bellow at him as she cried, “… You liar! You’re the infertile one, but you faked the medical record, saying it was my problem! Do you know how much contempt I’ve had to live with? Do you know what your mother put me through? You ruined my life just so you could keep your pride! I want a divorce!”

Zhou Bo pleaded, “I’m so sorry… Honey, I promise I’ll make it up to you…”

His wife shook him off and left in a fury.

Zhou Bo ripped at his short hair and burst into tears.

An Xiaxia hid in a closet, utterly frightened.

After that, Zhou Bo could no longer keep himself together. He was fired after frequently botching up his job. He then spent his days drinking.

One day, after he got drunk, he vented his anger on An Xiaxia and beat her up.

He apologized to An Xiaxia the following day and An Xiaxia said “it’s alright” between her sobs. A strange light flickered in his eyes as he caressed An Xiaxia’s cheek.

“Sweetheart, you’re all I have now. You can’t leave me, ok?”