Chapter 527: A Trip Together (3)

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“Why, miss, what’s wrong?”

An Xiaxia’s face went blank and her eyes lost focus.

Grandma Song had passed away…

She had waited for her to come back for so many years… How could she be so stubborn…

An Xiaxia bit her lower lip hard and soon, she tasted blood in her mouth.

Sheng Yize heard the noise and hurried outside. Seeing her on the ground, he helped her to her feet right away.

“What happened?” He frowned.

An Xiaxia forced a smile that looked more awful than a grimace. “I tripped… Hey, do I smell something burning?”

Sheng Yize sighed, took her hand, and greeted that woman. “Hello, Auntie. This is An Xiaxia, my girlfriend. We’ll see you around.”

“Why, sure. Young Master Sheng, your girlfriend is so pretty!” The woman covered her mouth and giggled.

Sheng Yize took An Xiaxia back to her room, then went to check the stove. The dish was completely burnt. He sighed, threw it away and cooked something new, then set the table.

An Xiaxia sat down at the dining table after washing her hands, but was pulled to her feet right away.

She was confused. With an indifferent face, Sheng Yize then sat her down on his lap. He raised a spoonful of soup to her lips. “Try it.”

An Xiaxia felt so bashful that she wanted to flee. However, Sheng Yize only pressed her back down with more force. In order to keep her balance, she had to wrap her arms around Sheng Yize’s neck, which made their position rather intimate.

“You’re not running away!” He lowered his tone. “Eat!”

For the past few days, whenever he tried to move one step closer, An Xiaxia would move ten steps away from him.

He had yielded to her reaction unconditionally, but the woman only got further and further away.

He would rather force her to stay by his side than endure the distance!

An Xiaxia couldn’t break free. She looked down in disappointment and even her eyelashes quivered with fear.

Sheng Yize softened and cajoled her patiently. “I can understand if you’re afraid of other people, but me? I’m not going to eat you. Why are you afraid of my touch so much? An Xiaxia, have you stopped liking me? Or do I annoy you now?”

An Xiaxia opened her eyes wide. “No! I don’t find you annoying!”

He narrowed his black eyes and snorted. “If so, eat!”

When Sheng Yize became authoritative for real, there was no point in resisting. An Xiaxia had no choice but to open her mouth and drink the soup.

“Put me down…” she said with a blush.

“No, I won’t.” Sheng Yize then picked up some food. “Open up.”

An Xiaxia ate the vegetable and complained, “I have hands, you know? Why do you have to feed me…”

“Because I like it.” The fellow had only gotten more domineering these days.

An Xiaxia squirmed uneasily. They were so close that it was inevitable that her body brushed against a certain body part of his. Unfortunately, he soon had a reaction…

“Do we have to eat like this?” An Xiaxia cried out, face scarlet.

Sheng Yize swallowed and breathed more heavily. However, he showed no intention of putting her down.

“Stop squirming!” He gave her bottom a pat and went on eating.

Ashamed and vexed, An Xiaxia had no choice but to gobble down the food he put in her mouth so that she could be done with this torment as soon as possible.

Sheng Yize only let go of her when they finally finished eating. An Xiaxia ran away from him immediately and snapped with a pout, “Keep indulging yourself like that and you won’t be able to get it up one day!”

Sheng Yize was speechless. “What did I do?”

“Hmph! You know perfectly well what you did!” An Xiaxia backed away further, looking alarmed. Sheng Yize put down his chopsticks and said through gritted teeth, “In that case, let me show you how indulgent I can be!”