Chapter 529: You’re Not Songsong (1)

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An Xiaxia woke up once in the middle of the night.

She had a bad habit of rolling around in her duvet and now saw that she had taken most of it on her side. Sheng Yize was only half-covered, but he still tried to tuck her in in his sleep.

Something stirred inside her and her heart melted.

She covered Sheng Yize with the duvet and watched him under the dim lamp light.

She took in his distinctive bone structure, his statuesque features, and that mesmerizing mole under his eye.

He almost looked too handsome to be real.

Something then swept over her and she moved closer to Sheng Yize, kissing him on his mouth.

The next second, a pair of big hands clasped around her waist and she heard his characteristic deep voice. “An Xiaxia, it’s inappropriate to steal kisses.”

An Xiaxia was flustered, feeling as if she had been caught red-handed…

While doing something very shameful…

“Hm… when did you wake up?”

“Why, if I hadn’t woken up, were you going to do something else to me?” He kept his eyes closed, but there was a teasing tone in his voice.

An Xiaxia punched him, took all the duvet for herself, and slept in it.

Sheng Yize didn’t mind at all, for the weather was warm enough to sleep without a duvet. He simply pulled An Xiaxia into his arms like a little cushion.

“Do you have any other place that you want to go in particular?” He put his chin on her little head.

An Xiaxia didn’t understand the question. “Aren’t we in a nice place already? Why do we need to go somewhere else?”

Sheng Yize was silent for a moment before saying, “If you like it here, we’ll stay here.”

An Xiaxia slowly fell asleep, still bewildered.

The next day.

After breakfast, Sheng Yize gave her a tour around the small town.

The town was not yet developed. The folk were simple and honest and the view was pleasant. It was an ideal place for convalescence.

The longer they stayed here, the more familiar it felt to An Xiaxia.

It was as if she had lived here once.

Could it be possible that the memories in her head were real and not her imagination?

Stealing a glance at Sheng Yize’s handsome profile, An Xiaxia clenched her fists.

On their way back home, they bought some groceries at the food market. Watching Sheng Yize choose the vegetables carefully in his jumper and sneakers, An Xiaxia found the scene almost unreal.

When they strolled back home, An Xiaxia rubbed her stomach and cried out that she was hungry. Just then, a person rose to her feet on the doorstep and greeted Sheng Yize in a melodious voice. “Brother Ah Ze!”

Sheng Yize frowned. She had indeed shown up.

An Xiaxia followed his eyes. Song Qingchen stood there gracefully and smiled her perfect smile.

“Brother Ah Ze, this is where we used to live… Aren’t you afraid that An Xiaxia will feel jealous living here?” Song Qingchen began to drive a wedge between them right away, looking less sure of herself than before.

An Xiaxia’s mood was spoiled right away. Sheng Yize asked indifferently, “What are you doing here?”

“I’m just here to relive my past… I didn’t know you were here… with her…” Song Qingchen looked sad. “You didn’t even come back when grandma passed away…”

“Did you?” Sheng Yize’s smile was cold as ice. “I always wondered: why did you never come back? Grandma Song waited for you for so many years and what did you do? You didn’t even make a phone call.”

Song Qingchen didn’t expect to give herself away like this. She stammered, but couldn’t think of anything to say. Sheng Yize then asked a sharper question.

“Song Qingchen, are you really Songsong?”