Chapter 53: Fine, I’ll Teach Her

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This devil!

An Xiaxia’s eyes were filled with tears as she frantically climbed off his body and shrank back into her corner, where she drew circles on the window with her finger.

I curse you! I curse you that you will never be as popular as our Rong Che oppa!

Sheng Yize was in a great mood and he closed his eyes, pretending to be asleep. The corners of his lips were curved upward.

A short while later, the car arrived at the An family home.

Sheng Yize put on his disguise — the cap and the gauze mask — and accompanied An Xiaxia up the stairs.

In the living room on the second floor, Papa An, An Yibei, and He Jiayu were watching a ball game together, while Chi Yuanfeng knelt on the floor as he fed a skinny kitten.

The devilishly cute and beautiful youth paired with a weak and pitiful kitten was a sight to behold. It was a scene filled with love and warmth, and other people would think that he was an angel who had descended from heaven.

However, An Xiaxia suddenly screamed and hid behind Sheng Yize. “Ahhh! C- c- cat! Heavens! Why is there a cat?!”

“Why are you hiding?” Sheng Yize was confused, but An Xiaxia kept hiding behind him like a frightened chicken that wouldn’t come out.

Chi Yuanfeng saw that they had returned and brought the kitten over excitedly. “Brother, Xiaxia, I came across a stray cat today and I’ve decided to keep it. Look, isn’t it adorable?”

Sheng Yize glanced at the kitten that could only be described as ugly, but nodded perfunctorily anyway.

Chi Yuanfeng pursed his lips, then energetically showed the kitten to An Xiaxia. “Xiaxia, what do you think I should call it?”

An Xiaxia screamed nonstop and quickly fled to the couch to grab a pillow for protection. “Don’t come over here! Dad, Brother, help me!”

Her reactions were too exaggerated and Chi Yuanfeng innocently scratched his head. “What is it… I already gave it a bath and the vaccination shots. You don’t need to be afraid…”

“Meow meow~” As though confirming his words, the kitten obediently let out a few sounds, looking harmless and lovely.

However, An Xiaxia was frightened to the point of tears and she took a few more steps away. The more distance between them, the better.

An Yibei then said viciously, “Hey, An Xiaxia, we’re watching TV and you’re in the way. Aren’t your monthly exams coming up? Go study.”

An Xiaxia held tightly onto the pillow and scurried along the wall back to her room.

A look of loneliness flashed across Chi Yuanfeng’s face. He thought maybe An Xiaxia didn’t like him.

Papa An could tell what he was thinking and explained with a gentle smile, “She’s been quite afraid of cats since she was little.”

“She was born in the year of the rat. Ever since she was young, she’s always been afraid of cats,” An Yibei admitted with disdain.

Chi Yuanfeng gave a sound of acknowledgement as he hugged the cat and played with it. Suddenly, he thought of something and turned to ask Sheng Yize, “Brother, why are you back before the concert is over?”

Sheng Yize remained silent for a while before replying calmly, “Oh, we came back to study.”

At those words, the group of people all turned their gazes toward him.

Cold sweat dripped down Chi Yuanfeng’s head. “Brother, since when did you like to study so much?”

He Jiayu’s face was filled with disbelief.

An Yibei frowned before replying, “I heard that your grades are not bad. How about teaching our Xiaxia a little? With her dumb head, she might not even pass.”

Before Sheng Yize could reply, An Xiaxia bellowed from her room, “Can you at least keep your voice down when you talk about someone behind their back? I can hear everything you say!”

An Yibei retorted without hesitation, “So what if you heard it? Isn’t everything I said true?”

An Xiaxia despaired and became silent.

Sheng Yize’s lips curved in a smile, and as he glanced in the direction of An Xiaxia’s room, his lips moved a little. “Fine, I’ll teach her.”