Chapter 530: You’re Not Songsong (2)

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Song Qingchen replied without hesitation, “Of course I am!”

“If so, why didn’t you come back?” Sheng Yize’s piercing eyes daunted Song Qingchen.

Song Qingchen put on a pitiful expression right away. “I had my reasons… Brother Ah Ze, you…”

Sheng Yize couldn’t be bothered to talk to her. He took An Xiaxia’s hand and led her back inside. Song Qingchen swayed, almost falling off the stairs.

A man and a woman a short distance away dashed over immediately. The woman, who wore her hair in a top bun, said, “Miss Song, are you alright? Please let the doctor have a look.”

The doctor examined her right away. Sheng Yize asked in an unhurried tone, “Sick people really shouldn’t be running around. Song Qingchen, are you trying to kill yourself?”

Song Qingchen cursed inwardly, realizing that faking illness had stopped working. She was utterly humiliated.

However, at the thought of Li Fanxing’s words… She had no choice but to raise her head and will tears to her eyes. “Brother Ah Ze, do you have to be this cruel to me?”

The woman with the top bun chimed in, “Young Master Sheng, Miss Song is your childhood sweetheart and she’s here to visit her old home. You could at least show some consideration for old times’ sake. You and your girlfriend are all loving and happy, but is it fair to Miss Song? How can you do this to her?”

Sheng Yize smirked. He was going to lash out with his sarcastic comments when An Xiaxia interjected, “Sheng Yize, I want to talk with Song Qingchen in private. Is that alright?”

“Xiaxia…” Sheng Yize was a little confused. An Xiaxia promised, “Three minutes, that’s all I need.”

Sheng Yize nodded reluctantly. He then cast a stern glance at the man and the woman, who took the hint and walked away, leaving An Xiaxia and Song Qingchen alone in the garden.

“What do you want to say to me?” Song Qingchen crossed her arms and raised her chin defiantly.

An Xiaxia smiled. “I see you’ve recovered quickly enough. From your reaction last time, I’d say that you’re pretty afraid of death. But as the saying goes, good people die young, but the evil ones live long. I trust that given what you’re capable of, you’ll have no problem living for a thousand years.”

Song Qingchen thought she was going to have a stroke. “Did you just call me evil?”

An Xiaxia shrugged. “You said that, I didn’t.”

“You!” Song Qingchen stomped her foot. She then tried to walk past An Xiaxia and enter the house, but An Xiaxia blocked her way. “I don’t think you live here.”

Song Qingchen glared at her. “I’m here and of course I’m living in Brother Ah Ze’s home!”

“Do you think he’ll welcome you? I promise you, I can have him throw you out with one sentence,” An Xiaxia said unhurriedly, and Song Qingchen halted right away.

She knew that An Xiaxia was perfectly capable of doing that.

“You lived in Sunset Town before. Isn’t your own house next door? Go live there.”

Song Qingchen hesitated, then decided to deal with An Xiaxia another day. She picked up her bag and walked toward Grandma Song’s house…

“Wait, that’s Auntie Luo’s place. Why are you going that way?” An Xiaxia sounded suspicious.

Song Qingchen was baffled. She had never lived here before and had no idea which side Grandma Song’s house was on.

“Hmph, I want to visit Auntie Luo, that’s all!” Song Qingchen wouldn’t admit her defeat and turned to walk to the house on the other side.

An Xiaxia’s calm voice rang out behind her. “Song Qingchen, stop acting. You’re not Songsong.”

“What makes you say that?” Song Qingchen shouted, her tone uncertain.

An Xiaxia stared into her eyes and enunciated each word carefully, “Give. Me. Back. My. Bunny. Notebook!”

“What are you talking about…” Song Qingchen avoided her eyes and her fingers began to tremble.

How did An Xiaxia know that… she had the real Songsong’s notebook…?