Chapter 531: Give Me Back My Name

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“Song Qingchen, you asked me the first time we met what I would do if someone had taken what was mine,” An Xiaxia said with a smile. “You said you would make sure to take it back. But I’m not like you. I’d rather destroy what should be mine than give it to you!”

Song Qingchen had never seen An Xiaxia this imposing, when the latter had been diffident in the beginning. Frightened by those words, her legs almost gave out.

“What notebook? An Xiaxia, have you lost your mind completely? And what’s with giving it back to you? Are you saying that you’re Songsong and I’m not?” Song Qingchen struggled to keep her voice steady.

An Xiaxia pressed on. “If you really are Songsong, how come you didn’t recognize the house you lived in for years? Why did you never come back to visit Grandma Song, who doted on you? The only thing that can prove who you say you are, are the details of your interactions with Sheng Yize! But you never experienced them yourself. You read them in a notebook, didn’t you?”

Every word sounded like a thunderclap in Song Qingchen’s ears.

All she could do was fall back.

A gardenia tree blocked her way and she had nowhere to flee. With her back against the tree, she looked at An Xiaxia with panic-stricken eyes.

That bunny notebook… Li Fanxing had given it to her when the latter had approached her and proposed a collaboration…

When Sheng Yize was looking for his childhood sweetheart, Li Fanxing had been searching for her as well and had found this lead before Sheng Yize had!

She then came to Sunset Town, won Grandma Song’s trust, and took away some of Songsong’s old stuff, among which was that notebook!

In it was Songsong’s childish writing, which had a lot of spelling mistakes. The paragraphs were all about her daily life with Brother Ah Ze next door.

It was with that notebook and a tampered orphanage record that Li Fanxing was able to bring Song Qingchen back from abroad. Li Fanxing had even made a deal with Mr. Song and asked him to provide Song Qingchen with an official identity.

Because Mr. Song was full of apologies to this daughter and tried to make it up to her, he agreed to Li Fanxing’s suggestion.

After that, Song Qingchen came back home as planned and approached Sheng Yize as the daughter of a rich family and his long lost childhood sweetheart…

These secrets should have been taken to the grave with her, but they were now exposed just like this… How could Song Qingchen not panic and be frightened?

“Give it back to me!” An Xiaxia raised her voice, her high pitch making Song Qingchen shudder. “I don’t have it… I don’t! You had a breakdown earlier and you’re all confused now! An Xiaxia, you should stay in a mental hospital! Leave me alone!”

Song Qingchen tried to shove her, but An Xiaxia dodged easily, then slapped Song Qingchen in return!

She grabbed Song Qingchen’s hair and pinned her to the tree. Tears welled up in her eyes as she repeated, “Give it back!”

Give me back my name, my identity, and my memories!

“Let go of her! What are you doing?” An Xiaxia was a little dazed when she heard a furious voice. She turned to look and saw Mr. Song walk toward them from a short distance away with a livid expression.

Song Qingchen struggled right away. “Daddy! Help!”

Mr. Song had his assistant with him, who went up to them in a hurry and separated the two girls. Song Qingchen rushed into Mr. Song’s arms and wept.

“She hit me… How could she hit me…”

Mr. Song looked displeased. “I never thought you were such a disobedient girl… What kind of behavior is this, hitting other people for no reason?”