Chapter 532: Violent Little Thing

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An Xiaxia only found it ridiculous. It reminded her of two kindergarten kids having a fight and the one who lost turning to her parents to settle the issue.

“It’s our own business.” She gritted her teeth. “And why does it have anything to do with you if I’m obedient or not?”

Mr. Song almost choked on his breath. “Xiaxia, I’m very disappointed to see you like this!”

He had agreed to come with Song Qingchen because he was told that An Xiaxia was in Sunset Town as well. He had been watching them from afar, for deep down, he wanted the two girls to get along well.

He had never expected to see An Xiaxia hit Song Qingchen. And the way she was talking to him… Was she some uncivilized country girl?

An Xiaxia only found him unreasonable. “Mr. Song, I’m grateful for your help earlier! But I’m nothing to you. I disappoint you? Since when should I live up to your expectations?”

Mr. Song only found An Xiaxia all the more incorrigible. He shielded Song Qingchen behind him and said in a stern voice, “Apologize to Qingchen!”

“Why should I?”

“It’s wrong to hit another person! Didn’t anyone teach you that in your family?” Mr. Song was utterly dismayed and assumed that An Xiaxia had had a poor upbringing.

An Xiaxia was infuriated. “You just decided right away that there’s something wrong with my family. Why don’t you ask your daughter what she’s done?! With the bitchy things she’s done to me, I can’t even slap her?”

“Watch your language!” The mild Mr. Song was enraged as well. He raised a hand to slap An Xiaxia.

Smack —

Before his palm made contact with An Xiaxia’s face, a pair of big hands gripped it tightly.

“Uncle Song, I don’t think adults should get involved in the conflicts of children.” Sheng Yize’s voice was bone-chillingly cold.

Mr. Song frowned and drew his hand back.

Song Qingchen wouldn’t stop weeping. “Daddy… She just hit me for no reason… My left cheek is all swollen…”

Seeing that she was still feigning innocence, An Xiaxia felt like strangling her. She swiftly slapped her again, which stunned Song Qingchen right away. She covered her right cheek in disbelief.

“Now it’s balanced! You’re welcome!” An Xiaxia panted and wanted to jump Song Qingchen again, but Sheng Yize pulled her back.

Mr. Song watched this in astonishment. Sheng Yize said casually, “I believe that Xiaxia must have her reasons to turn physical. Rather than going after Xiaxia, why don’t you ask your own daughter what happened?”

After that lofty-sounding speech, he leaned over and whispered in An Xiaxia’s ear, “Keep still. Cut it out.”

Having no one else to vent her anger on, An Xiaxia grabbed his hand and bit down like an angry puppy.

Sheng Yize didn’t even bat an eyelash and let her. He even bowed politely to Mr. Song. “Make yourself at home.” He then took An Xiaxia back inside, closed the door behind him, and acted as if they had nothing to do with the incident at all.

Outside, Song Qingchen was crying and Mr. Song was comforting her, but the couple ignored them both.

Sheng Yize said helplessly, “My dear wife, can you let go of my hand now?”

An Xiaxia glared at him and let him draw back his hand, which now had her distinctive teeth marks in it.

“Why didn’t you let me beat her up? I did nothing wrong! It was all her!” An Xiaxia was very confident in her accusation.

“So, my dear wife has a violent little animal living inside her…” Sheng Yize sighed. “What’s gotten into you today? What did she do this time?”

An Xiaxia bit her lip. Judging from Song Qingchen’s reaction, she had guessed right.

But… what was she going to tell Sheng Yize?

Would he believe her if she directly told him that she was his childhood sweetheart?