Chapter 534: Song Qingchen Is a Fake!

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The summer mountain breeze was warm on the skin without being uncomfortably hot.

Sheng Yize looked calmly into her eyes, but An Xiaxia felt a tumult of emotions sweep over her. She was on edge.

“I…” She was conflicted, not sure whether to tell him or not.

Sheng Yize loved her very much, so he would believe anything she said, wouldn’t he?

She took a deep breath and picked her words carefully. “I remembered when I was little… before the An family took me in…”

Sheng Yize shuddered and his pupils contracted.

She remembered…

She had actually remembered!

Without knowing it, his breathing turned shallow. An Xiaxia went on in her sweet voice, “Actually, I’ve always known… I’m not my dad’s real child. I only pretended I didn’t know… But Dad and Brother have always treated me so well like I’m their real family…”

They had cared so much for her that they thought she had forgotten about the adoption after the psychological treatment.

But in fact, she had always remembered, down to the last bit.

What was blank, however, were her memories from before she became the An family’s daughter.

Strangely, she had no wish to remember them at all. She was living a happy life, so why bother with the past?

She would have nightmares every now and then, but she never thought much of them.

After falling into the water that time, a lot of memories had rushed into her head in a jumble and she couldn’t tell one from another.

Treated for a second time, she had sealed away those memories again. However, after that cat frightened her, she had hidden in the utility room, not knowing where she was going in her panicked state…

In that confined space, she had been so agitated that she thought her head was going to explode.

Countless memories gushed out, gradually weaving themselves into a map.

She didn’t want to think, but after being sealed away for so long, her memories wouldn’t do as she wanted. In that dark closet, she remembered everything bit by bit.

She remembered the abusive life she had led in the Zhou family and the one from even earlier before that…

It was about Sunset Town and belonged to a girl named “Songsong.”

She couldn’t believe it and had been overwhelmed by panic. She couldn’t tell anyone — not her family, not her friends, not even Sheng Yize.

It was only after Sheng Yize had brought her here that she was able to confirm that her memories weren’t an illusion. She didn’t imagine it and she wasn’t crazy… It had all actually happened!

She was Songsong, Sheng Yize’s childhood sweetheart.

And that Song Qingchen was a fake!

“I remembered when I was with the Zhou family… I mean, my other foster father… I don’t really hate him. He was nice to me in the beginning…” An Xiaxia tried to make her tone as casual as possible, but Sheng Yize’s expression only grew more rigid.

He would rather die himself than have An Xiaxia remember those things, but she finally did…

How much pain did she have to suppress to be able to act this casually?

“Stop…” There was a throbbing pain in his chest and he couldn’t listen anymore. An Xiaxia pursed her lips. “It’s ok. It’s all in the past.”

Sheng Yize pulled her into his arms, hugging her so hard it was as if he was pressing her into his body.

“Apart from that, I also remembered…” An Xiaxia was going to tell him that she was Songsong when Sheng Yize’s phone rang.

He frowned, said “sorry” to An Xiaxia, and picked it up.

Mr. Song’s desperate voice came from the other end. “Sheng Yize… is that you?”

“Yes,” Sheng Yize said coldly. “How can I help you, Uncle Song?”

“Songsong wants to kill herself! Please, I’m begging you. Save her…” Mr. Song pleaded in a weepy voice.