Chapter 535: Do You Want Her Dead?

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He couldn’t be any more indifferent to the news. “Oh. What’s wrong?”

Mr. Song was infuriated. “What kind of attitude is that? My daughter is going to kill herself and you…”

“What kind of attitude do you think I should have?” Sheng Yize found the question unbelievable.

Song Qingchen cared for nothing but saving her own skin, and she was definitely planning something with this sudden suicide attempt. Did she think he was stupid?

“You bastard!” Mr. Song cursed under his breath. Tears welled up in his eyes as he pleaded, “Songsong… Don’t! Come down here! Please!”

Sheng Yize could hear a hubbub of noise on the other end and he rubbed his temples.

“What happened?” An Xiaxia asked gingerly.

Sheng Yize lowered his voice. “Song Qingchen is threatening to kill herself… by jumping into the river…”

“What?” An Xiaxia opened her eyes wide.

Mr. Song had burst into tears on the other end and An Xiaxia could even picture his heartbroken face.

He had to feel terrible seeing his daughter try to take her own life…

Although Mr. Song had been horrible to her when she slapped Song Qingchen, An Xiaxia knew that it was because he cared about the other girl.

After all, Mr. Song had helped her and was nice to her before. An Xiaxia felt pity for him. “I think you should go have a look…”

Sheng Yize had already hung up and sounded disinterested. “She’s only making a scene. She’s not going to jump.”

He couldn’t care less. An Xiaxia sighed and tugged his sleeve. “Go have a look.”

What if Song Qingchen really jumped?

She didn’t want Sheng Yize to live with that for the rest of his life.

Sheng Yize squeezed her hand and sighed. “You little fool!”

When they arrived at Sunset River, all hell had broken loose.

Song Qingchen stood on the railing of a wooden bridge and wouldn’t let anyone get closer. She cried and shouted, “Don’t stop me! Let me die…”

Seeing this, An Xiaxia felt the corner of her mouth twitch.

She really was acting…

Those who really wanted to die would do it promptly without hesitation. Song Qingchen, on the other hand, had caused such a scene and let the whole world know about her suicide attempt. Most of the time, people like this wouldn’t jump in the end.

Sheng Yize was speechless as well.

However, Mr. Song was crying his eyes out. His assistant supported him and consoled him in a low voice.

Quite a few naive villagers had gathered round, all trying to talk Song Qingchen out of it.

“Miss, don’t do this to yourself…”

“Come down from there. You’re scaring your family!”

“Look on the bright side… Everything will pass…”

Song Qingchen ignored them all. She want on ranting about wanting to die.

Seeing Sheng Yize’s arrival, she cried, “Brother Ah Ze, since I’m nothing to you now, there’s nothing I can do but kill myself… We started here, so this is where we’ll end!”

Sheng Yize’s face darkened and he clenched his fists.

This place was… where he and Songsong had fallen into the river…

It was also where Songsong had saved his life…

No matter how annoying Sheng Yize found Song Qingchen now, he couldn’t help but waver a little at the scene.

“Let’s talk about it. Come down from there.”

An Xiaxia was infuriated. Song Qingchen was still pretending even now?

“Song Qingchen! That’s enough! Did you really first know him here?” An Xiaxia asked indignantly. However, she was shocked by a slap from Mr. Song!

“Shut up! She’s already up there! Do you want to see her dead?” Mr. Song bellowed in exasperation, feeling utterly disappointed in An Xiaxia.