Chapter 536: She’s Dead

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An Xiaxia put a hand over her cheek and shook with anger. Sheng Yize then realized what had happened and immediately shielded her behind him. He had a murderous look in his eyes. “Song Huan! How dare you touch her!”

“I have every right to do that!” Mr. Song roared and wanted to hit her again, but Sheng Yize grabbed his arm and the two began to wrangle.

An Xiaxia snickered, then walked toward Song Qingchen.

“What are you doing? Come back here!” Mr. Song feared that An Xiaxia would drive Song Qingchen into the river and he panicked.

Song Qingchen threatened in an affected tone, “Come any closer and I’ll jump…”

“Do it, then!” An Xiaxia bellowed, which made Song Qingchen jump and she almost fell into the river!

She burst into tears right away, apparently genuinely scared. She then climbed back over the railing on all fours, howling like a slaughtered pig!

An Xiaxia had just been slapped for no reason, and seeing Song Qingchen’s annoying behavior, she lost her temper and tried to slap her.

Song Qingchen caught her hand and the two tussled around, then bumped into the railing.

The wooden railing had been long neglected and was in disrepair. It was barely standing to begin with, and snapped immediately from the impact.

An Xiaxia and Song Qingchen exchanged a startled look. The two of them then fell into the river together.

Pandemonium broke out on the bridge and everyone rushed to it.

Sheng Yize threw off Mr. Song and his expression was frighteningly grim.

An Xiaxia hadn’t learned how to swim yet…

He took a deep breath and was going to jump in when someone stopped him. “Young man, you can’t go in there. Developers have been dredging the river for years now. The water doesn’t look that deep, but there are whirlpools everywhere… once you’re dragged in…”

“Get a boat here! Call 119 and 120. Get the paramedics ready!” After giving out the orders, he jumped into the river.

The crowd erupted again. At this critical moment, Mr. Song got the situation under control with his authoritative tone. “Do as he says!”

They then split the tasks right away. Some made the phone calls, while others went to get the boat. Some had even found some long bamboo sticks…

Song Qingchen knew how to swim, but had gotten a cramp as soon as she hit the water.

The water wasn’t very deep where they had fallen in and they could stick their heads out of the water. However, desperate to save her own skin, Song Qingchen kicked An Xiaxia in order to push herself up in the water to swim ashore.

An Xiaxia watched in astonishment as Song Qingchen swam toward the shore with that momentum, crying and howling. An Xiaxia, on the other hand, had been kicked further into the river… She flailed all four limbs, but only sank deeper and deeper…

Song Qingchen soon swam ashore. She huddled into a ball and wept. As the splashing sounds An Xiaxia made grew weaker, she gradually stopped crying and began to giggle.

She had done it on purpose! She had used Mr. Song to irritate An Xiaxia and when An Xiaxia had come closer, she pushed her into the river…

She had also known about the whirlpools beforehand!

“Hahaha…” Song Qingchen laughed in delight. Other than accidentally falling in herself, everything had gone exactly as she’d planned.

Mr. Song hurried over from the bridge. His heart sank when he heard her laughing.

“Songsong… You…”

“Daddy, she’s going to die, isn’t she? Haha… She won’t survive this…” Song Qingchen raised her head and guffawed. Confounded, Mr. Song pointed at her with a shaking finger. “You… You!”

“Why, that young man still hasn’t come up!” someone cried out in the crowd and the scene turned into a complete mess…