Chapter 537: Her Heart Has Stopped (1)

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Mr. Song watched the surface of the water in shock as guilt overwhelmed him…

He was a rainmaker in the business world and he was anything but dumb!

It only took him seconds to realize that Song Qingchen had used him!

He had hit An Xiaxia himself just then…

The sounds of An Xiaxia struggling in the water grew weaker and those ashore were talking among themselves.

“They’re not coming back up, are they? Sigh … Poor kids…”

“Tsk, tsk. I bet the water is haunted!”

“Such a pity! Their parents will be heartbroken, after bringing them up to this age…”

At those words, Mr. Song collapsed to the ground, the rims of his eyes turning red.

He had killed An Xiaxia… He was an accomplice…

Song Qingchen kept giggling on the side. Her eyes had lost focus, as if she had gone mad…

In the water.

An Xiaxia tried her best to hold her breath while her four limbs flailed, but her body simply refused to float.

Below was emptiness and her feet couldn’t find any purchase. The deeper the water was, the more rapid the current became…

Am I going to die? she thought in despair.

She had heard that those who died from drowning would be forced to open their mouths to breathe in the end. Water would inevitably gush in, so when their bodies were found, their stomachs would be bloated…

She closed her eyes as thoughts like these appeared in her befuddled head.

All of a sudden, a pair of big hands grabbed her thin wrist. She opened her eyes and felt cool lips on her mouth, breathing oxygen into her lungs…

Their lips touched, feeling soft and intimate. The water around them seemed to set a perfect stage.

Sheng Yize held her by her waist and they slowly floated to the surface…

An undercurrent then took them, dragging them further down.

Unfortunately, Sheng Yize’s feet got entangled in water weeds at that moment.

He frowned and began to look concerned.

An Xiaxia’s stomach lurched. No matter how good a swimmer he was, he couldn’t keep up like this.

She couldn’t let him die…

Without warning, she pushed Sheng Yize away, sank into the river, and ripped the water weeds off him with all her strength.

Sheng Yize dove down to get her immediately, but An Xiaxia had been sucked in by a whirlpool a short distance away. In a flash, she was nowhere to be found…

Yu City, People’s Square.

Su Xiaomo gobbled down her fried chicken, hummed a tune, and set up her easel. She then began to work swiftly on a sketch.

She was very efficient. A couple of minutes later, she had an outline of the buildings around the square. After that, she began to carefully perfect the lines.

Her remarkable skill caught a lot of attention. Quite a few passersby gathered around her and some even asked, “How much do you charge?”

Su Xiaomo shook her head with a smile. “I’m not doing this for a living… It’s just a hobby and I’m only practicing here.”

“I see… You’re an art student, right? Your painting is awesome!”

Su Xiaomo didn’t reply and only focused on her work.

The buildings around the square were quite unique and she painted several in a row. She then rubbed the sore muscles on her wrist, ready to start the last one for the day, which was of the wishing pond at the center of the fountain.

A slender figure walked into her sight.

He wore a simple shirt and trousers, his sleeves half-rolled up. Despite the baseball cap and the mask that covered most of his face, he still gave off an air that was very comforting.

Just by standing there, he seemed to meld with the background and become part of a beautiful painting.

Su Xiaomo went on drawing absentmindedly. By the time she realized it, she had already added that figure into her painting.

In it, he looked almost unreal…

However, she lost her temper for no reason and dashed out. “Hey, what are you doing standing there?”

He lifted his head and glanced at her, his voice clear and gentle. “Why are you hiding from me?”

“Shit! It really is you!”