Chapter 538: Her Heart Has Stopped (2)

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She had guessed already. That tall and straight figure, that elegant demeanor — who else could it be but He Jiayu?

“Su Xiaomo… can we talk…” He Jiayu asked.

Su Xiaomo rolled her eyes, upset. “What is there to talk about? Is another girl going to jump out from some corner and splash water all over my face in a moment? I don’t even know which girlfriend that is! No thanks!”

She was pissed, really pissed.

It wasn’t because someone had dumped water on her, but that He Jiayu had never tried to explain it!

His life, his relationships, his friends, his everything — she knew nothing about any of them.

When she fell for him and summoned up her courage to approach him, he had never accepted her, but he had never said no either.

Liking someone that way was really exhausting. No matter what a carefree person she was, there would come a day that her passion would be worn down.

“Su Xiaomo…” He sighed. “What do you want to know? I’ll tell you everything, ok?”

The girl had been running away from him for days and wouldn’t even give him a chance to explain.

Su Xiaomo made a face at him. “You want to tell me? I don’t want to listen!”

She turned angrily to leave, but he stopped her by taking her arm. He was almost pleading now. “What do I have to do so that you’ll listen to my explanation?”

Su Xiaomo’s eyes darted around and her gaze landed on the wishing pond.

The water glimmered under the sunlight and the bottom was covered in coins…

Su Xiaomo smiled teasingly. “Buy me an ice cream cone!”

He Jiayu took out his wallet right away and headed for the nearest store. Su Xiaomo stopped him and pointed at the wishing pond, her tone malicious. “Buy it with the coins in the pond.”

He Jiayu was dazed for a second and Su Xiaomo gloated.

Well, afraid now?

However, He Jiayu then jumped into the pond, picked up a few one-yuan coins, and climbed out.

Su Xiaomo: “…”

The passersby were shocked as well. “Gosh, what kind of person does that… Dressing like a decent man but stealing money from a wishing pond?!”

“Exactly, shame on him!”

“That’s unbelievable… Take a photo and post it on Weibo!”

Amidst the jeers, He Jiayu remained as calm as ever. “What flavor do you want?”

Su Xiaomo was dumbfounded and stood speechless on the spot.

She was woken up by her phone vibrating. She picked it up and all the color drained from her face.

After hanging up, she swayed and almost fell into the pond.

He Jiayu steadied her right away. “What’s wrong?”

Su Xiaomo grabbed his sleeve as her teeth chattered with fear. “Kang Jian was having lunch at Uncle An’s and he said Xiaxia’s been in an accident. The hospital called to tell them that three minutes ago, her heart stopped…”

Tears rolled down her cheeks. “I – I have to go to her now… even if it’s to see her for the last time…”

The hospital.

Sheng Yize lost it when the nurse came out to tell him that her heart had stopped.

He had been able to get An Xiaxia out at the last minute, but she had been in the water for so long that she was barely breathing.

After hours of emergency treatment, they told him now that… her heart had stopped…

“Resuscitate her, then! What are you doing here? Go away!” he bellowed, which scared off the tearful young nurse. He then slowly went up to Song Qingchen, looking like a devil from hell.

“Anything happens to her and you’ll wish you were dead!”