Chapter 539: You’re My Life

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Song Qingchen wouldn’t stop giggling and she even clapped. “Yeah! An Xiaxia is finally dead!”

“Songsong!” Mr. Song grabbed her by the shoulders and shook her. “What’s happened to you?”

She had been this neurotic since An Xiaxia fell into the river. It was so strange!

His original plan was to take some time off and accompany Song Qingchen to Sunset Town. He was going to visit An Xiaxia while he was here, and look for the right opportunity to bring An Xiaxia back to the Song family.

The reason why he hadn’t told An Xiaxia about it so far was because he had done something he wasn’t proud of…

He had agreed to Li Fanxing’s proposal and brought back his illegitimate daughter, Song Qingwan, as “Song Qingchen.” However, he had found out about An Xiaxia shortly afterwards.

The face that looked identical to his deceased wife and a DNA report had convinced him without a doubt that An Xiaxia was his own daughter!

That was to say, Song Qingchen was An Xiaxia’s name…

However, Song Qingwan had taken that identity already. If he claimed An Xiaxia now, outsiders would think that An Xiaxia was the bastard.

He couldn’t bring shame to both his daughters. After much consideration, he decided to choose Song Qingwan over An Xiaxia…

His attempt to be smart about it had botched up everything in the end and put An Xiaxia in grave danger. He was overwhelmed with guilt.

The light above the operating room was still on. After what seemed like an eternity, that young nurse rushed out. “We’ve got a heartbeat! But she’s still not out of danger yet…”

Sheng Yize kicked a chair over. “If she doesn’t get through this, none of you are walking out of here alive!”

“Y- yes, Young Master Sheng…” The young nurse hurried back. Sheng Yize turned in the direction of the operating room with bloodshot eyes and fists clenched so tight that his knuckles turned white.

An Xiaxia, you can’t die on me.

I won’t have it! How can you leave me behind like this?

Seeing him like this, Mr. Song tried to console him. “Yize, calm down…”

“Calm down my ass!” Sheng Yize cursed. “Song Huan, just because you have the Song Group behind you doesn’t mean I can’t touch you, or your daughter! If An Xiaxia doesn’t come out alive, neither will the two of you!”

If An Xiaxia died, he promised he would get revenge for her, even at the cost of his own life!

The top medical team spent over six hours in the operating room and finally brought An Xiaxia back.

After the operation, the doctors’ gowns were soaked and they fell asleep right there on the floor.

An Xiaxia was sent to the ICU. Sheng Yize stayed right outside the door and stared unblinkingly at An Xiaxia through the glass.

He remembered An Xiaxia once asking out of the blue, “Sheng Yize, what am I to you?”

He replied cockily, “You’re my wife, what do you think?”

An Xiaxia had said “go away” and had run off shyly.

It was only now that he finally knew the answer to that question.

An Xiaxia, you’re my life.

Footsteps hurried near. Su Xiaomo and He Jiayu had taken a flight that same night and had just arrived at the hospital. Papa An had fainted when he’d heard the news and An Yibei had stayed in Yu City with him.

“How’s Xiaxia?” Su Xiaomo asked in a fright.

The nurse informed her of the current situation, and as if a load had been lifted from her shoulders, Su Xiaomo burst into tears.

Song Qingchen, who had been leaning on Mr. Song’s shoulder asleep, woke up at that moment. After hearing from the nurse that An Xiaxia was ok, she rushed to the entrance of the ICU ward and screamed, “Why? Why isn’t she dead?! An Xiaxia, why won’t you die…”