Chapter 54: Your Self-Control Is Terrible

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One great thing about Sheng Yize was that he was a man of his word.

And so, he brought his notes with him to go tutor An Xiaxia.

At that moment, An Xiaxia had already changed into her pajamas and was lying on her bed, watching a video that someone else was streaming of Rong Che’s concert. While she was immersed in Rong Che’s gorgeous and languid voice, there was a knock on her door.

She only thought it was An Yibei or possibly Papa An and casually replied, “Come in.”

The door opened and for a while, there was no other sound, which confused An Xiaxia. She raised her head, only to look directly into Sheng Yize’s handsome face. She froze completely.

Holy crap, what the hell?

“What are you doing here?” An Xiaxia asked, her face filled with caution as she stared at him.

Sheng Yize waved the books in his hands and smirked. “To tutor you. Aren’t you supposed to feel so thankful that you want to cry?”

An Xiaxia’s instinctive response was to protest. “I’m the last person who would want that. I still need to watch my Rong Che oppa’s livestream. And after that, I need to play video games!”

Sheng Yize’s mouth twitched. “You really are an internet-obsessed girl.”

“Hmph… why do you care?!” An Xiaxia pouted. “You’re such a huge celebrity, shouldn’t you be busy? Go practice or write a song. Why do you have to tutor me?”

Sheng Yize frowned. This girl was extremely dim-witted.

Couldn’t she tell that their group barely had any activities? Their company hadn’t received any commercials for them, nor had they given them any resources.

He knew his company’s plan better than anyone else; it was just that he couldn’t be bothered to compete for anything while he saw the whole thing through.

He sat down at An Xiaxia’s small desk and said in a serious tone, “It’s all for rescuing you from an abyss of misery. An Xiaxia, you think of nothing but playing. How are you going to get into university? If you don’t get into university, how are you going to find a job? If you can’t find a job, then…”

An Xiaxia thought her head was going to explode from his nagging. She angrily hopped off her bed and exclaimed, “I’ll study! I’ll study, alright?”

Sheng Yize threw a maths exercise book at her as he ordered, “First, finish this.”

An Xiaxia turned one page and suddenly lost her will to live.

Why did life have to be this hard?

She very slowly began to solve the problems. The word “unhappy” was written all over her face.

Sheng Yize chuckled to himself. He really enjoyed her miserable expression whenever she had no choice in doing something.

It made him feel… a strange sense of accomplishment.

An Xiaxia spent half an hour doing a single page and when she noticed Sheng Yize’s carefree demeanor as he played on his phone, she complained, “Aren’t you here to help me study? Why are you playing on your own?”

It wasn’t fair… Watching him play made her want to play too!

“Your self-control is terrible,” Sheng Yize judged nonchalantly, and then glanced at her. “Which question do you have trouble with?”

An Xiaxia glared at him, yet she saw Sheng Yize smiling warmly. “It can’t be that you don’t understand a single one…?”

For a poor student like her, those words were major damage.

An Xiaxia angrily smacked her pen down on the desk. “Who said I don’t know how to do them?!”

She then pushed her workbook at Sheng Yize, who looked through it and shook his head as he circled everything she had done wrong.

“Idiot, how can you mess up such simple questions?”

After he finished grading her, he felt a burning gaze directed at him.

He raised his head to see An Xiaxia’s endearingly silly face. He frowned as he said, “What, were the things I said untrue?”

An Xiaxia looked at him in reverence. “Wow, you got the answers just by calculating them in your head?”

Sheng Yize wanted to reply that it was nothing when An Xiaxia passed a pile of papers to him and began batting her eyes. “Can you help me calculate these as well?”

Sheng Yize was speechless.