Chapter 540: It’s Been A While, Brother Ah Ze (1)

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“Songsong!” Mr. Song scolded her in a low voice, which Song Qingchen ignored. Sheng Yize slowly turned to look at her, the air coming off him reminding one of a cold grave.

He strode toward Song Qingchen, seriously considering strangling her.

Su Xiaomo was quicker. She blocked Sheng Yize’s way and chuckled. “It won’t be appropriate for a man to hit a woman. Sheng Yize, step aside. Don’t get your hands dirty because of her!”

“What are you doing…” Mr. Song stared at Su Xiaomo nervously.

Su Xiaomo ignored him. She slapped Song Qingchen hard in the face.

She held nothing back with that strike and Song Qingchen was knocked to the ground right away.

She screamed hysterically, “You hit me! How dare you hit me!”

“That’s exactly what I’m doing!” Su Xiaomo sneered. “This is for pushing Xiaxia into the water!”

She had heard before coming here that An Xiaxia had fallen into the water because the two of them had had a dispute! Moreover, Song Qingchen had kicked An Xiaxia away to save her own skin!

Had it not been for that kick, An Xiaxia would have never been pulled into a whirlpool, nor would she be facing this life-threatening crisis!

“She deserved it… She should have died. She took my things… Why? Why won’t she die…” Song Qingchen howled. Su Xiaomo shook with anger and slapped her again without hesitation!

“This is for poisoning Xiaxia at the music festival!

“This is for sending Xiaxia a fake pregnancy test result to agitate her!

“This is for drugging Sheng Yize and sending the nude picture to Xiaxia!”


The crisp sounds of slaps rang out continuously.

The proof of her crimes that was beyond a shadow of doubt was thrown into her face.

Mr. Song tried to intervene, but Su Xiaomo picked up a chair. “F**k off! Or you’re next!”

An Xiaxia was her best friend. After all the harm that had been done to her, Su Xiaomo felt this was the least she could do as a friend!

Sheng Yize watched impassively and there was nothing Mr. Song could do.

Su Xiaomo went all out, using both her hands. It didn’t take her long to turn Song Qingchen’s face into a swollen pig’s head!

“And this is the last one!” Su Xiaomo grabbed her hair with bloodshot eyes. “Before the accident, An Xiaxia sent me a message, saying you’re not Songsong! Tell me who you are!”

Boom —

Song Qingchen looked at Su Xiaomo with a shaken expression. Was she going to be exposed for pretending to be Sheng Yize’s childhood sweetheart?


She pushed Su Xiaomo with all her might. Su Xiaomo bumped into the wall and grimaced in pain.

He Jiayu hurried to help her up. Su Xiaomo gritted her teeth. “Damn it! Who the f**k are you?!”

Sheng Yize turned his piercing eyes on Mr. Song immediately.

In the end, Mr. Song was still partial to Song Qingchen and tried to cover for her. “Of course she’s Songsong… my daughter…”

“Screw you!” Su Xiaomo gave him the finger. “Stop playing with your words! For one, Songsong and Song Qingchen aren’t necessarily the same person, are they? Even if they are, it’s definitely not this bitch here! For another, I have no doubt that she’s your daughter, but your daughter isn’t necessarily Sheng Yize’s childhood sweetheart!”

Mr. Song was at a loss, not knowing how to reply to Su Xiaomo’s perceptive argument.

He indeed had had no idea who the real Songsong was since the beginning… Song Qingchen had beseeched him bitterly for this identity so that she could get closer to Sheng Yize, so Mr. Song had turned a blind eye to her conduct. Then one thing had led to another…

He had never expected that she would be exposed one day…

Song Qingchen began to laugh again, her eyes losing focus. “I’m Songsong! I am! Hahaha!”