Chapter 541: It’s Been A While, Brother Ah Ze (2)

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An experienced nurse cried out in alarm, “I think she’s having a nervous breakdown… Get me some sedatives!”

Some medical staff rushed toward Song Qingchen right away. However, Song Qingchen had turned unnaturally strong and she pushed everyone away. She laughed frantically, kicked, bit, and rolled on the floor. She even lost control of her bladder…

Mr. Song seemed to gain ten years in a matter of minutes, his face as pale as ash.

Had this daughter of his… gone mad?

In her semi-conscious state, An Xiaxia heard the noise outside.

She heard Su Xiaomo’s angry bellowing, Song Qingchen’s frantic laughter, and the medical staff’s frightened shrieks… All the noise twined together and lingered in her ears, unwilling to go away.

It seemed like forever before the noise finally quieted down. Someone then picked up her hand gently and murmured, “Xiaxia… you’ve slept for so long. Can you open your eyes?”

The man had a deep and mesmerizing voice — one that would be deemed an “idol tone” online, sexy enough to make one pregnant just by listening to it.

She wanted to open her eyes and reply, but no matter how hard she tried, she wasn’t able to do so.

Gradually, the sounds faded and she fell asleep again.

Only this time, she had the most beautiful dream.

In it, it was the height of summer and she was a world away. The cicadas were buzzing noisily.

She was gnawing on a pig’s foot outside her house. Grandma Song had stewed it in soy sauce gravy for hours, making it agreeably fatty. The smell alone would make one’s mouth water.

“Songsong… come in and have some watermelon.” Grandma Song called her name gently. Songsong replied and went back in on her chubby legs.

According to the townsfolk, Grandma Song had picked her up by the side of the road.

What did that mean? She couldn’t understand it.

As Songsong turned the idea over in her head, she heard the honking of a car and she turned around curiously.

A luxurious black car that she had only ever seen on TV stopped outside and a handsome boy got out. He was about five or six years old, wore a suit and black leather shoes, and had very short hair, which only accentuated his perfect features.

Plop —

Songsong was drooling — not over the pig’s foot, but over a very good-looking face.

The boy sensed her gaze and glanced in her direction indifferently. A little girl, scratch that, a little butterball was staring at him with unblinking eyes.

He looked away, giving her no reaction. However, the little thing as round as a meatball dashed toward him on her short legs and greeted him in her baby voice, “Auntie, are you my new neighbor?”

The nanny taking care of Sheng Yize nodded with a smile. “Yes, we are. What’s your name, sweetheart?”

“Song. Song…” She pronounced her name earnestly.

The nanny seemed to like her right away. She rubbed her little head and gave her a candy. “My surname is Mo. You can call me Auntie Mo and this is Sheng Yi…”

Before she could finish introducing Sheng Yize, the boy had walked away in that cool manner, giving little Songsong a full view of his tall figure from behind.

“Why… Songsong, don’t mind him. Brother Yize is ill and he doesn’t feel like playing with other kids at the moment, but he’s actually a very nice person!” the nanny quickly explained to her before catching up with Sheng Yize.

Songsong licked the pig’s foot in her hand and shuffled back home, amazed by how handsome that big brother was.


She was too absorbed in her thoughts that she tripped on her doorstep. The pig’s foot flew out of her hand.

“Waa —” Songsong cried like there was no tomorrow.

In his villa, Sheng Yize’s cherubic face remained impassive. He then frowned.

That meatball was so noisy!