Chapter 542: It’s Been A While, Brother Ah Ze (3)

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That day, Songsong cried for so long and startled so many people that even Sheng Yize’s nanny went out to comfort her.

When she came back, she told him in an amused tone, “That little girl next door is so funny. She looked so adorable when she picked up that dirty pig’s foot and asked us if she could still eat it! Young Master Ze, do you like little girls like that…?”

She went rambling on like this, but got no reply at all. She then went to make lunch as if nothing out of the ordinary had happened.

For she knew perfectly well that Sheng Yize was autistic at the moment. He wouldn’t speak to anyone.

Little did she know that Sheng Yize had heard every word she said. At the thought of that meatball crying with her smeared face, Sheng Yize felt like he was getting a germ phobia.

He went back to his room to take a nap after lunch.

He was actually a child who was very easy to take care of. Other than speaking to no one, he was perfect in every other respect. He didn’t make trouble, rose and slept at a regular time, had clear logic, and was exceptionally bright. The illness almost felt like a punishment, given his remarkable talent.

He was lying in bed with his eyes closed when Auntie Mo knocked on the door, entered his room, and put a box of chocolates on his bedside table.

“Young Master Ze, I’ll put the chocolates here. Please don’t eat too much, or you’ll get a toothache.”

She left after that. Sheng Yize frowned. He wouldn’t touch stuff that only dummies liked to eat!

The sun shone warmly outside and the fresh air characteristic of a small town filled the room. Satisfied, he narrowed his eyes. Then he heard a shuffling noise outside his window.

Who was it?

He was bemused.

A moment later, a round little head popped up and a pair of big eyes stared at him unblinkingly.

He looked back and both of them were speechless.

“Er Fu, higher!” she grumbled. A boy’s voice came from below. “Songsong, you’re too heavy! Ouch…”

She grabbed the windowsill, drooling over Sheng Yize’s handsome face.


This big brother was so good-looking!

Sheng Yize glared at her impatiently, which made Songsong shudder. She then hesitantly handed him a gardenia. “Flower, for you…”

He looked away indifferently and his attitude couldn’t have been more apparent: I don’t want it.

Crestfallen, Songsong’s shiny black eyes dimmed. She was about to leave when she spotted the box of chocolates on the table.

The chocolates lay in an exquisite big box and were wrapped individually in golden paper. They looked scrumptious…

Glutton Song drooled again. She flailed her short arms and yearned to have a taste.

Er Fu had reached his limit and yelled, “Songsong, are you done? I’m leaving!”


Er Fu let go of her. Songsong had been standing on his shoulders, and with him gone, she was going to fall down.

A pair of cool hands caught her in time.

Songsong opened her eyes wide. The pretty face that looked almost unreal was right in front of her. They were so close that she could count his eyelashes…

Sheng Yize darted a look below. The window wasn’t high up, but the meatball would probably be injured if she fell down.

He casually pulled her into the room, then… Glutton Song jumped onto his bed and quickly crawled toward his chocolates.

Sheng Yize was speechless. Outside, Er Fu made a face. “Fat Songsong, Ugly Songsong! Stay at the weird brother’s all you want! I’m leaving~”

Her buddy had ditched her, but Songsong didn’t care at all. She held the box of chocolates in her arms and couldn’t stop giggling.

“Brother Ah Zhe… Can I eat them?”

With an expressionless face, Sheng Yize snatched them back.

His face was saying in capital letters: NO, YOU CAN’T!