Chapter 543: It’s Been A While, Brother Ah Ze (4)

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“I give you a flower… You give me one chocolate!” Songsong gingerly handed him the flower again, then stuck out one chubby finger.

Sheng Yize looked away like a tsundere and Songsong was disheartened right away.

Sheng Yize shot her a glance from beneath his eyelids. She had changed into a clean dress and her skin looked fair and tender. The short braid on the top of her head gave her a rather goofy look.

He couldn’t help but turn back. However, when his gaze landed on her bare feet, his face went dark.

Songsong sensed his displeasure. She had come with Er Fu to visit the pretty big brother in her bare feet… They were so dirty.

And the pretty big brother’s bed was so clean… She tried to hide her little feet. “I – I’ll go wash them…”

Before she could jump off the bed, Sheng Yize grabbed her cherubic legs, took out a wet tissue, and carefully wiped her feet.

“It tickles…” She curled her toes.

Sheng Yize, on the other hand, seemed to find it amusing. He deliberately brushed the tissue against the arch of her feet.

Songsong didn’t dare say anything. Tears welled up in her eyes and she watched his movements with a pitiful look on her face.

When he was finally finished, Songsong couldn’t hold back her tears anymore. However, a piece of unwrapped chocolate touched her lips.

She didn’t give it any thought and followed her glutton’s instinct: Eat!

It was sweet and a little bitter at the same time. The two tastes were delicious when mixed together.

She smiled in satisfaction. After she swallowed it, she remembered again what Sheng Yize had done to her just then. She pursed her lips and was ready to howl.

Whoosh —

Another one.


Hence, she ate one chocolate after another. Songsong had long forgotten about Sheng Yize’s misdeed and Sheng Yize thought scornfully, “She’s fat and stupid!”

So stupid!

Despite what he thought, he didn’t stop putting chocolate into her mouth. The feeding came so naturally that he seemed to… enjoy it.

However, after a few pieces, Songsong held his pillow in her arms, smacked her lips, and fell asleep…

Sheng Yize was baffled. Something then dawned on him and he picked up the chocolate container.

It read: liqueur chocolate…


He now knew what it meant by “as you brew, so you must drink.”

The meatball was sleeping so soundly that he couldn’t wake her up no matter how many times he pushed her. In the end, he lay down beside her helplessly.

He thought he was going to stay awake, but that nap had been the most wonderful one in months…

Thus began the friendship between Tsundere Ze and Adorkable Song.

Grandma Song was happy that someone was there to watch over Songsong, while Auntie Mo was glad that her young master had finally found a playmate. After some discussion, the two families decided that the two kids would live together, while the two adults would take turns to cook.

Hence, Sheng Yize’s daily activities became: read, sleep, feed Songsong.

And Songsong’s daily activities: play, sleep, wait to be fed…

“Everyone says I’m fat and ugly…” Songsong said one day, vexed.

Sheng Yize pinched her cheek, which was so nice to touch. He snorted and spoke, which was very rare of him. “Ignore them. They know nothing.”

“Really?” Songsong’s face lit up. “Hm, I knew it. Grandma told me, ugly kids become very beautiful when they grow up! The pretty ones may become ugly adults!”

Sheng Yize didn’t know what to say.

You dumb meatball! You’re dead!

He raised his hand and attempted to hit her. When his hand landed on her head, however, it was to stroke her hair.

“Yes. You will be very pretty one day.”

Saying yes when he meant no… He wouldn’t be struck by lightning for that, would he?