Chapter 545: It’s Been A While, Brother Ah Ze (6)

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As if a bolt of lightning had just flashed through his head, Sheng Yize froze on the spot and stared at An Xiaxia in disbelief.

Only one person in this world would address him as Brother Ah Ze.

“Xiaxia… Don’t make fun of me…” He struggled to find the right words, then he recalled what Su Xiaomo had said when she was slapping Song Qingchen.

You’re fake!

That, plus An Xiaxia’s unusual behavior earlier, her familiarity with Sunset Town, her tears at Grandma Song’s grave, and her lost memories…

He connected the dots and there was only one possibility —

“Songsong,” he called her name in a trembling voice.

An Xiaxia smiled a little, the rims of her eyes turning red.

“The memories I recalled were from when I lived here in Sunset Town… I forgot about you, but why didn’t you recognize me?” Her nasal voice had a little grievance in it.

Sheng Yize suddenly tightened his grip, holding her hand tighter.

“Sorry… I’m sorry…”

After hearing that An Xiaxia had woken up, everyone else rushed in to see her, but were dumbfounded by the couple crying in each other’s arms.

“Yize… what’s going on…?” He Jiayu was the first to react and cleared his throat to catch the couple’s attention.

Sheng Yize looked up, turned his cold gaze on Mr. Song, then grabbed the latter by his collar.

The color of Mr. Song’s face changed. “What are you doing? Songsong has lost her mind and Xiaxia has woken up. What more do you want?”

Sheng Yize punched him in the face, then asked in a grim tone, “Songsong? What Songsong? Why don’t you ask your good daughter first, why did she pretend to be Songsong?”

“What pretend…” Mr. Song still refused to believe it. Sheng Yize then pointed at An Xiaxia. “She is Songsong! She’s the girl that used to live with me in Sunset Town and who almost lost her life saving me! She was then sent to an orphanage where she was bullied… She was abused for two whole years by that foster father who adopted her! Your daughter stole Xiaxia’s notebook that was left behind in the orphanage, changed everything, and took her identity! Song Huan, do you have no heart at all?!”

Mr. Song’s face gradually turned pale.

He was aware that Song Qingchen had done a lot of things he wasn’t proud of, but he still felt he owed his daughter that. He still thought he could talk with An Xiaxia after she woke up so that she could forgive Song Qingchen…

After all, no one else knew that An Xiaxia and Song Qingchen were half sisters…

They shared the same blood, so they shouldn’t turn on each other.

Never had he expected Song Qingchen to pass herself off as Songsong!

Moreover, why hadn’t anyone told him about An Xiaxia’s abusive foster father? The information he had received was all about An Xiaxia’s happy life in the An family…

His head hurt so much that he thought it was going to explode. Sheng Yize kept punching him hard and after Mr. Song broke free from his fists, he rushed to An Xiaxia’s bedside with tears in his eyes. The first thing he said was, “I’m sorry…”

An Xiaxia turned her head away and wouldn’t look at him.

“It’s all my fault… and Songsong’s fault, too… In fact, in fact, you two are…” He wanted to tell her, but paused after looking around the room.

Was he going to tell An Xiaxia their relationship in such a situation? No, it wouldn’t be fair to An Xiaxia.

Telling her now would probably make her hate him more.

He opened his mouth and the words which came out were still entreaties for Song Qingchen. “Songsong has lost her mind… she’s gotten what she deserved. Can you, maybe, forgive her?”

An Xiaxia smiled self-mockingly. “Mr. Song, I’m very tired. Can you please leave? I don’t want to see you at all!”