Chapter 546: It’s Not Yours!

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She couldn’t begin to understand how Mr. Song could take her forgiveness for granted.

That person had tried everything to frame her and even kill her. He was now asking her to forgive that person unconditionally.


If she wasn’t bedridden, she would have jumped up to pour sulphuric acid all over his face!

Why should she forgive her? Why???

She was as much a human being as Song Qingchen. Why should she endure all the plots against her and die quietly?

Mr. Song smiled bitterly. He had to admit that he wasn’t a good father.

Between An Xiaxia and Song Qingchen — well, he should use her real name now: Song Qingwan.

He had chosen Song Qingwan.

He had always thought that An Xiaxia had lived a happy life all this time, but Song Qingwan had been far away in another country all these years and he had given her money but little love.

However, he had overlooked the fact that he had never given An Xiaxia anything.

The balance had long tilted to Song Qingwan’s side.

He lowered his eyes and sighed. “Get well soon. I’m leaving now.”

After Mr. Song left, the rest of the crowd all found their excuses to leave as well so that Sheng Yize and An Xiaxia could have the room to themselves.

The two cuddled together and opened their hearts to each other. An Xiaxia felt tired after a while and was ready to go back to sleep.

She slurred, “Song Qingchen still has my notebook…” After that, her head tilted to one side and she was asleep again.

Sheng Yize’s expression turned stern and he marched toward Song Qingchen’s ward.

Ever since that night, Song Qingchen had been acting like a lunatic. However, the doctor said that there was nothing wrong with her mentally.

So, whether or not she had gone mad was still open to debate!

Sheng Yize kicked the door open and saw Mr. Song holding Song Qingchen in his arms. The two made a perfect picture of a loving father and daughter. Sheng Yize smirked. “Give Xiaxia’s stuff back!”

“No! No!” Song Qingchen tightened her hold around Mr. Song’s neck and Mr. Song asked in resignation, “What do you want?”

“A notebook. It’s pale blue and has bunny ears.” Sheng Yize fought to keep his temper at bay.

Mr. Song frowned. “Can’t you see her condition now? It’s just a notebook. Just leave her alone…”

“Pay back what you owe — that’s all I care about! She took Xiaxia’s things, why shouldn’t she give it back?” His tone was bone-chillingly cold. “If you won’t give it to me, I’ll look for it myself!”

Song Qingchen involuntarily gripped her handbag tight, which didn’t escape Sheng Yize’s sharp eyes.

He went right up to her, snatched the bag from her hands, unzipped it, and emptied it on the bed.

An old notebook was among its contents.

He picked it up with an impassive face. Song Qingchen lunged at it, crying, “No! That’s mine… You can’t have it!”

“It’s not yours! It never was!” Ever since he learned that she wasn’t Songsong, Sheng Yize had lost all sympathy for her and was capable of using his harshest words on her, which immediately made Song Qingchen cry.

She covered her face with her hands and howled, uttering the most vicious curse she could think of, “You’ll never be together… Even without me, you’ll never be together!”

“That’s none of your business.” After those words, Sheng Yize left without giving Song Qingchen another look.

Sheng Yize went back to An Xiaxia’s ward to find a familiar figure inside.

Qi Yanxi was crouching by the bed and talking to himself. “Is Xiaxia going to wake up with her memories gone again? I think she will. Should I tell her that I’m her boyfriend? We’ll become a couple, hahahaha!”

He laughed in satisfaction. Someone then patted him on the shoulder and there was a voice so cold that it reminded him of the North Pole.

“Qi Yanxi, do you have a death wish?!”