Chapter 547: Scheming Idol, Restrain Yourself (1)

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“Shit!” Qi Yanxi shuddered, then asked suspiciously, “What did you hear?”

“Heh, take a wild guess.” Sheng Yize smirked. Qi Yanxi asked diffidently, “You didn’t hear anything, did you? You just arrived, right? Haha… why, haha…”

He kept chuckling embarrassedly and Sheng Yize chuckled with him.

Qi Yanxi heaved a sigh of relief, thinking Sheng Yize hadn’t heard him.

However, Sheng Yize was still smiling when he said, “I heard you.” Qi Yanxi’s face turned pale and Sheng Yize added unhurriedly, “All of it.”

Qi Yanxi: “…”

Was it too late to kill himself now?

An Xiaxia stirred at their voices. Her eyelashes fluttered and she woke up.

Qi Yanxi rushed to her side, snatched up her hand, and said in a maudlin voice, “Xiaxia, you’re finally awake! You have no idea what life feels like without you. It’s like… um, having fried chicken without coke and stir fried eggs without tomatoes…”

What kind of crappy metaphors were those… An Xiaxia was baffled.

“You…” She couldn’t decide what to say.

Qi Yanxi finished the sentence for her happily. “Do you not remember me? I’m your boyfriend! Your hubby!”

He didn’t know that An Xiaxia had woken up once already, and took it for granted that An Xiaxia had lost her memory again.

An Xiaxia couldn’t find the right words. She turned to look at Sheng Yize and asked Qi Yanxi, “Then who is he?”

“Oh… That idiot is just a passerby. Ignore him,” Qi Yanxi said in a serious tone, which made the corner of An Xiaxia’s mouth twitch.

Over on the side, Sheng Yize was speechless as well.

This blockhead… He could almost shed tears for how stupid Qi Yanxi was!

Qi Yanxi knew none of it. He even pouted. “How about I give you a kiss of love, like the prince kissing the sleeping beauty…”

His handsome face moved closer and closer. An Xiaxia was too weak to push him away and she had to use the last resort — she spat at him.

“Qi Yanxi! You’re nuts!” she roared.

Qi Yanxi was silent for two seconds. After wiping the spit off his face, he said in a dispirited voice, “So, you know who I am, do you?”

“Of course! How stupid can you be?”


Sheng Yize rubbed his head sympathetically. “Little Flower, there, there. It’s okay to be stupid now. After all, you might get even more stupid in the future.”

Qi Yanxi bristled. “Damn you! You two are in it together!”

He stormed off, slamming the door behind him. Sheng Yize smiled, sat down by the bed, and raised the notebook in his hand. “I got it back.”

An Xiaxia’s face lit up. However, Sheng Yize then said casually, “But I haven’t read it yet.”

“It’s my diary! You can’t read it!” An Xiaxia snapped.

Unmoved, Sheng Yize flipped it open without looking up. “Bite me.”

His cocky tone was so worth a beating, but An Xiaxia was in no condition to give him one!

“Year XXXX, September 5th. Brother Ah Ze told me, ‘you’ll be very pretty one day.’ I’m sure I’ll be the prettiest girl in the world in the future~ Happy~” Sheng Yize read it in a most serious tone, while An Xiaxia listened in humiliation.

“You… Read it silently!” An Xiaxia had turned scarlet.

Sheng Yize snickered. “Well, I was only kidding with you back then.”

An Xiaxia: … That hurts.

“November 6th. I made a snowman with Brother Ah Ze. I stuffed a snowball down his collar and he bullied me for it. Sob …” After reading that paragraph, Sheng Yize looked at her teasingly. “Oh? How did I do that back then?”