Chapter 549: Scheming Idol, Restrain Yourself (3)

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Sheng Yize jerked and looked petrified.

An Xiaxia was flabbergasted as well. She shifted her gaze and saw An Yibei standing at the door, a murderous look on his face.

“Ahem, hello, Brother An.” Sheng Yize struggled to keep his composure. He sat up, tucked An Xiaxia in, and pretended that nothing had happened.

Unfortunately, he was only giving himself away with that conspicuously innocent act.

An Yibei adjusted his glasses and went up to the bed with an impassive face. “I see you’re already alive and kicking, so you’re fine now. Do you know that our old man fainted from high blood pressure because of you?”

An Xiaxia felt so embarrassed and apologized gingerly, “I’m sorry…”

“Hmph!” An Yibei darted Sheng Yize a sidelong glance. “To the corridor!”

Sheng Yize rubbed his nose and awkwardly followed An Yibei out.

A couple of minutes later, he came back, looking defeated. An Xiaxia asked in a worried tone, “Are you alright?”

“I… guess…” He grimaced inwardly, feeling the bruises forming on his body.

That overprotective brother was as ruthless as ever…

He picked up that notebook and went back to reading An Xiaxia’s diary.

“January 1st. I watched fireworks with Brother Ah Ze. He said no view was as pretty as me. Sigh , Brother Ah Ze is perfect, but he has very bad taste.”

Sheng Yize was speechless.

He went on reading after a little pause.

“February 14th. Valentine’s Day and Spring Festival are on the same day this year~ Brother Ah Ze said he’s going to spend this day with me every year from now on… Sob , does he want to take my meat for the rest of my life?

“May 1st, Labor’s Day. Lala~ I’m a hardworking bee! I watered all of Brother Ah Ze’s plants, but… he said cacti didn’t need it…

“June 3rd. Brother Ah Ze said today is the day I hatched, but it’s my birthday! I’m not a chicken. I didn’t hatch out of an egg. Is there something wrong with his head?

“July 8th. I like summer, Brother Ah Ze likes summer, I like Brother Ah Ze! Yeah!”

Sheng Yize stopped there and snickered. “You little fool, falling in love so early… You wrote that you like me in your diary. Restrain yourself…”

Despite the feigned disdain in his voice, he couldn’t have been any happier.

He darted a look at An Xiaxia, but she had already fallen asleep.

Smiling, he finished the rest of the diary on his own.

The bits and pieces of their past were warm, touching, and the best of their memories.

Knock, knock —

There was a knock on the door and An Yibei walked in. He glanced at An Xiaxia, who was asleep in bed. “She’s sleeping?”


“Come. Let’s have a drink.”

Sheng Yize did as he was told. After instructing his bodyguard to secretly watch over An Xiaxia, he went to the nearest bar with An Yibei.

Both were exceptional drinkers and they finished several bottles after a short while.

Soothing jazz music was playing in the bar. An Yibei adjusted his glasses and lit a cigarette, looking painfully handsome as he held it between his fingers.

“When my dad was trying to give Xiaxia a name, he had come up with quite a few, but she didn’t like any of them. She was too afraid to speak and liked to hide in the corners of our house. On a whim, my dad asked, ‘How about Xiaxia?’”

An Yibei smiled. “That was the first time I heard her speak. She asked, ‘Xia, as in summer?’”

It felt as if a chasm had been pried open in Sheng Yize’s impenetrable heart. He pursed his lips tight and recalled that paragraph in her diary…

“I like summer, Brother Ah Ze likes summer, I like Brother Ah Ze…”

Was that why… she liked the name “Xiaxia”?