Chapter 55: Xiaxia’s Spring Has Come (1)

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An Xiaxia batted her large eyes and looked directly at Sheng Yize as light flickered in them.

In her eyes, Sheng Yize had just become a human calculator!

Since he was this amazing, if he were to help her with all these tedious equations, then wouldn’t she have even more time to watch livestreams and play video games?

However, daydreams were perfect and beautiful while reality was incomparably cruel.

Sheng Yize reached out with his hand and gave her a flick on her forehead. He then heartlessly scolded, “You’re lazy and you’re stupid. How did you survive until now?”

An Xiaxia instinctively rolled her eyes. “Obviously by being healthy and strong!”

“…” Sheng Yize was speechless and then bumped her head with his fist before pressing her, “Go back to your work now!”

Under his violent persuasion, An Xiaxia could only pout and continue to write against her will.

Whenever she didn’t understand something, Sheng Yize explained to her how to do it. After the content was filtered through his mouth, whether it was just basics or the most complicated equations, An Xiaxia felt a sense of enlightenment.

If she wasn’t his anti-fan, An Xiaxia would have worshiped him!

Why was it like a heated knife through butter when he was the one doing such difficult questions?

She sighed inwardly. Sheng Yize was now scrolling down his phone screen, looking rather unhappy as his eyebrows knitted together slightly.

An Xiaxia curiously asked, “What’s wrong? You look awful.”

Sheng Yize replied with knitted brows, “It’s nothing, I’m just browsing through the fans’ comments on Weibo.”


An Xiaxia instantly panicked and nervously sat upright, becoming seemingly obedient.

“Ahem… You’re so popular and there must be a lot of comments. I’m so jealous! Hehe…” She laughed dryly. Her expression was as unnatural and as fake as could be.

Sheng Yize glanced at her and felt that she was acting strangely, but couldn’t pinpoint why.

As his scrolled down to the most popular and liked negative comments, he sneered. “There’s so many people spreading juicy gossip. I really don’t understand why they do this. What good does it do them to slander others?”

An Xiaxia felt a cold sweat and stammered, “Ah… ahem, I agree.”

Sheng Yize seemed to remember something and turned to her to ask, “Don’t you also chase celebrities? You wouldn’t do something as pointless as this, right?”

“Of course not!” An Xiaxia replied curtly while wearing a serious expression.

Suddenly there was a thunder clap outside the window and An Xiaxia was so frightened that she fell off her chair.

Sheng Yize kindheartedly helped her up with a disapproving tone. “It’s just thunder. Do you really need to be so scared?”

An Xiaxia felt like crying, “Hehehe…”

Her heart was riddled with guilt, so she quickly buried her head in her books.

An Xiaxia was already working on the final and most difficult question. It was a geometric problem where she needed to show her calculations.

The average person would first try to calculate the answer, but she directly pulled out a protractor, measured the angle, and wrote down the answer! Following that, she wrote out a plausible process to “show her work,” and if her paper wasn’t examined carefully, her answer would have been marked correct.

Sheng Yize smirked when he saw this. This little woman was useless in a lot of things, but she sure knew how to work around the rules.

Sheng Yize flipped to a page containing a similar question and put it in front of her. Right when An Xiaxia was about to repeat the process, he took the protractor away from her hand and scolded, “Calculate the degree of the angle yourself!”

An Xiaxia froze and stared at the question for a long time. Then she pointed with her index finger and traced the angle and mumbled, “I’m guessing… that many degrees.”