Chapter 550: Scheming Idol, Restrain Yourself (4)

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“She really was such a well-behaved kid. She never cried or threw tantrums. When other kids took her stuff, she never told on them or shed tears, but she would make your heart break just by being there…” As if a memory was coming back, An Yibei’s expression softened.

Sheng Yize swallowed. He recalled the little meatball back then. She had actually been such a mild-tempered girl. When he teased her or pushed her around, she would be mad at him for the shortest while before throwing herself into his arms again.

She was a ray of sunlight that had scattered the cold and the loneliness in his world.

An Yibei picked up a glass of beer and clinked it with Sheng Yize’s. He then loosened his tie and chuckled self-mockingly. “I’ve disliked you ever since you moved into my house. I knew you had a purpose for doing so… but I didn’t know what it was.”

Sheng Yize sipped his beer and chuckled as well. “Just because of that? Seriously?”

“I guess I shouldn’t have.” An Yibei then changed the subject and said through gritted teeth, “Xiaxia never went to school when she was in Sunset Town, right?”

Sheng Yize shook his head slowly. “No, she didn’t.” He was the one who had taught her pinyin, writing, and basic arithmetics.

“After she was adopted by that animal, she only did a few months of school. Then she lost her memory… When I sent her to school, she didn’t know a thing. The teacher asked her to write her name and do you know what she wrote?”

Sheng Yize frowned and made some guesses, but none of them were correct.

“‘Ze,’ that was the only character she could remember…” An Yibei stressed each word. Sheng Yize’s hand jerked and he spilled his drink.

Even with her memory gone, she still remembered his name.

He had taught her how to write it himself. She wasn’t that bright and often wandered off while he tried to teach her. It had taken forever to make her remember it.

And that dummy had never forgotten it since.

The corners of his eyes felt wet and Sheng Yize’s breathing turned shallow for a moment. Then, An Yibei grabbed him by his collar.

“You’ll have to answer to me if you don’t treat her properly in the future!” His threat was direct and cold.

Sheng Yize couldn’t help but chuckle. “No, I’ll have to answer to myself before that.”

How fortunate he was in this life that he was able to meet An Xiaxia, fall in love with her, and be loved by her.

He couldn’t be bothered to care about a lot of things in this world, but An Xiaxia was the only one that he couldn’t let down.

The two men were as drunk as fiddlers when they went back to the hospital, supporting each other.

While An Yibei went to sleep in the lounge, Sheng Yize strolled into An Xiaxia’s ward.

An Xiaxia was still asleep when she felt someone climb into her bed. Frightened, her first reaction was to scream.

“It’s me.” His usually clear voice was a little husky tonight.

An Xiaxia calmed down, rubbed her eyes, and yawned. “Have you been drinking?”

There was a strong smell of alcohol coming off him, which made An Xiaxia wrinkle her nose.

“Hm… I have…” he said quietly. His big hand then reached into An Xiaxia’s hospital gown, caressed her skin, then drew back before things went too far.

Even drunk, he was still concerned about An Xiaxia’s health.

Overwhelmed by affection, the realization of their reunion, and all those sweet memories, his body felt as if it was on fire. He kept rubbing against An Xiaxia, trying to give vent to his urges.

An Xiaxia pushed him uneasily and cautioned him, “Watch it… We’re still in the hospital…”

He went still, apparently taking her advice. An Xiaxia let out a breath of relief. However, he then took her hand and moved it somewhere below his belt…