Chapter 552: Scheming Idol, Restrain Yourself (6)

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At the thought of what they had done the night before, An Xiaxia was petrified.

His hand had held hers firmly and… they moved up and down…

If that happened again… Oh, no!

She wrapped the duvet tightly around herself and shook her head fiercely. “No! No! No! Sheng Yize, I finally know what you are! You’re a bastard!”

Sheng Yize blinked innocently. “I was only suggesting I take you out for a walk? Why am I a bastard?”

An Xiaxia felt like throwing something at his face.

Aah! This damn scheming guy! He had tricked her again!

Still frustrated, An Xiaxia took a walk in the garden with Sheng Yize at her elbow. Sheng Yize couldn’t wipe the smile off his face the entire time and only straightened his expression after An Xiaxia glared at him repeatedly.

Over on the other side, a young couple caught An Xiaxia’s attention —

The guy was in a hospital gown and sat on the bench with a forlorn look. His girlfriend then raised his chin in a roguish manner. “Don’t worry. You’re only getting your appendix removed, not your penis… I won’t think any less of you!”

The guy blushed. “You’re unbelievable! Stop it!”

“Kiss me, then! Stop me talking with your mouth~” The girl grinned and the man turned even redder.

An idea dawned on An Xiaxia at that moment!

The best way to handle a scoundrel was to act like a bigger scoundrel!

Blinking her big eyes, she leaned into Sheng Yize’s arm and called in a saccharine voice, “Hubby!”

Sheng Yize tensed up noticeably at her manner, then observed her carefully.

That sudden endearment… He would bet anything that she was plotting something against him.

“I’m happy with your performance last night, but how about you? Are you satisfied with me? Will I get any reward for my hard work?” An Xiaxia was ready to risk anything and uttered the most depraved words she could think of. The look on Sheng Yize’s face changed immediately.


An Xiaxia felt her cheeks burn. However, in the belief that she wouldn’t go down on her own, she went on, “Are we going to have another round tonight? I’ll try to do a better job~”

The skin behind Sheng Yize’s ears turned pink. Although he knew the girl was doing it on purpose, his heart still skipped a beat.

He held her exquisite face in his hands and bit her earlobe hard. “Behave yourself!”

“If I do that, you’ll be so bored in bed.” An Xiaxia pursed her lips, delighted to see Sheng Yize’s face get darker.

She hummed a tune and marched on. She was in a great mood.

Then, she failed to see a stone in her path and tripped, falling face down.

Seeing this, Sheng Yize acted promptly. He grabbed her and spun her around. He fell onto a bench behind them and the momentum sent An Xiaxia into his arms. Their lips were less than a centimeter apart…

“Shit! Isn’t it a little too early for that?! My eyes!” A surprised voice rang out, which embarrassed An Xiaxia right away.

Carrying some stuffed steamed buns and soybean milk, Su Xiaomo was staring at them with her mouth agape. Next to her was the genteel He Jiayu.

An Xiaxia rose to her feet right away. “Don’t get the wrong idea! You’re mistaken!”

“Tsk, tsk, tsk…” Su Xiaomo sighed and groaned, “Say no more! I get it! I do! But Xiaxia, you’re too demanding. Can Idol Yize handle your overflowing needs?”

” Ahem — ” The other three began to clear their throats loudly. Sheng Yize took An Xiaxia’s hand and said, “I’ll send her back to her ward for some rest…”

After the couple left, Su Xiaomo was all the more confused. “Did I say something wrong?”