Chapter 554: It Won’t End Well for You and Him (2)

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“Mr. Song, can you stop doing that? I know you have a lot of money and that’s a big deal! But do you have to keep throwing it in my face? What kind of person would I be if I took your money? And what’s that supposed to be for? To cover my medical expenses? As compensation for my emotional distress? Or are you apologizing for your daughter? I’m sorry, but if it’s the last one, tell Song Qingchen to do it herself! And, I’m never going to forgive her even if she apologizes to me on her knees!” An Xiaxia said all that without stopping once and the look on her face was very serious.

She had a mild temper, but that didn’t mean she would tolerate everything!

There were times when she didn’t want to haggle over petty things, but this wasn’t one of those occasions!

Why should she take everything that was thrown at her?

Mr. Song blushed, also finding what he was doing inappropriate. However, he didn’t know how to face An Xiaxia right now otherwise.

He had nothing but useless money.

“Please take a look first…” Mr. Song acted almost childishly and eagerly stuffed the check into An Xiaxia’s hand.

An Xiaxia glanced at it impatiently. Her mouth opened so wide that it almost gave her a dislocated jaw.


One, two, three, four, five… six, seven, eight…

Holy crap!

How come there were so many zeroes? Oh god, how much money was she holding now?

Was Mr. Song out of his mind?! Why did he give her this much money?

Her moral integrity… or the money… An Xiaxia began to ponder the choices.

Mr. Song explained lightly, “Take this money and you’ll be able to do whatever you want in the future. Money won’t be a problem for you anymore.”

An Xiaxia’s mouth was still open in surprise and she had yet to recover. Mr. Song went on.

“But you and Sheng Yize… how should I put this? It won’t end well for you and him. Maybe you’re happy together now, but marriage is never just about love. I’ve been there and I’m telling you this for your own good… Even if you marry into the Sheng family one day, you’ll have a hard life there… More importantly, I have some information here about your father… If you insist on staying with Sheng Yize, it’s possible that…”

“Wait a minute!” An Xiaxia interrupted him. “So, this is not even an ‘I’m sorry’ compensation, but a break-up fee?”

How absurd!

Mr. Song’s expression was stern. “I’m not joking. I sincerely hope you can leave Sheng Yize. This money is enough for your family to set yourselves up nicely in another city. Isn’t your father a doctor and your brother a lawyer? With this money, they can open a hospital or a law firm… You can study abroad, travel the world, or do whatever you want. Won’t that be great? Why do you have to be Sheng Yize’s girlfriend? Why would you choose such a risky future?”

He really didn’t understand how An Xiaxia could be this foolish.

To him, love was nothing but a fleeting thing. He used to love his wife very much, then what?

With enough time, all affection dried up.

He had had other women and his wife never said a word. Their life didn’t turn out to be a happy one. They lived politely under the same roof and nothing more.

“But you’re not me. Why are you trying to decide my future for me?” There was a stubborn look in An Xiaxia’s eyes. “Whatever happens in the future, I’ll deal with it myself! I won’t take your money and I won’t leave him either!”

“Even if it breaks your heart and robs you of everything one day?”

“… Then I’ll be heartbroken and penniless!”

“Heh…” Mr. Song laughed until tears came to his eyes.

“Poor kid… Everything is so easy in your mind. I hope you’ll remember what you said today and never regret it!”