Chapter 555: I Just Want to Hug You (1)

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As a matter of fact, An Xiaxia regretted it a little.

However, she wasn’t going to admit it to Mr. Song and she glared at him. “Regret it or not, it’s my own business! Stay away from me!”

Stay away from me…

Those words felt like daggers in Mr. Song’s heart.

He dabbed his eyes with a handkerchief and rose to his feet. “In that case, I have nothing to say to you. Keep this check in a safe place. Don’t tear it up or try to return it. I’ve given it to you and it’s yours to keep. You don’t need it now, but it may come in handy one day. Moral integrity is important, but so is life.”

Mr. Song bowed a little and once more looked the polite gentleman from when they had first met. An Xiaxia was going to tear that check in half, but somehow, she stopped at those words.

Instinct was telling her that although Mr. Song seemed weird, to some extent, he genuinely cared about her.

That was so strange… Did a business tycoon like him need to be as humble as that in front of her?

Was he infatuated by her intelligence, beauty, and charm?

She was embarrassed by herself as soon as that idea popped up.

She had to be imagining things…

Outside the hospital, a limousine stopped by the side of the road and a fleet of luxurious cars waited on it.

Mr. Song helped Song Qingchen, who was still in that psychotic state, into the car. Mr. Song stroked her cheek affectionately, then gestured at the driver to raise the soundproof panel.

“Qingwan,” Mr. Song called her by her real name. “I’ve booked you a ticket for Country M.”

Song Qingchen, aka the real Song Qingwan, flinched noticeably at those words. She immediately went back to her humming and singing, acting like she couldn’t comprehend what he had said.

Mr. Song’s voice was gentle and mild. “I know you’re acting. I may be deceived every now and then, but I’m not stupid. I don’t know what plan you and Fanxing have, but I hope you can stop now.”

Song Qingwan’s lips turned pale and she began to tremble.

“The name Qingchen doesn’t belong to you. I felt that I owed you and let you come back with that name, but that decision wasn’t fair to either you or Qingchen,” Mr. Song said slowly. “You should leave. Don’t come back again.”

This daughter of his had done so much wrong that Sheng Yize would never let her off the hook.

But… she was still his daughter and he couldn’t cast her aside.

Song Qingwan began to cry. “Daddy… Do you even know what real fairness is?”

He had indeed treated her as he should a daughter. He would stick up for her when she did something wrong and he gave her more money than she could spend. But at the end of the day, she was nothing but an illegitimate daughter and her name could never be brought into the open.

“You said I took Qingchen’s identity… But isn’t she dead? Am I not even as important as a dead person to you?” Song Qingwan stopped pretending and yelled. It then came to her suddenly. “Are you saying that Qingchen isn’t dead…?”

Mr. Song sat there steadily with an impassive face. He said nothing to Song Qingwan after that.

Song Qingwan clenched her fists. Song Qingchen, you better not let me find out that you’re still alive!

Song Qingwan was sent away that same night and Mr. Song was brought down by a serious illness. He recuperated in seclusion and wouldn’t see anyone.

In the small garden of the hospital.

He Jiayu raised an eyebrow. “What do you want to know?”

Su Xiaomo shook her leg like a bully. “Everything!”

The mild teenager pursed his lips and asked in return, “Will you still like me if you know everything about me?”