Chapter 558: I Just Want to Hug You (4)

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Su Xiaomo cleared her throat. “Um… well… I think I have some questions, or not…” She squeezed the stuffed steamed buns in the bag, looking conflicted.

She wouldn’t have asked if she had known what he had gone through.

What happened to He Jiayu must have left scars that cut deep into his bones. She could even feel the pain as a listener.

Although he could tell the story now in that casual tone, she still felt sad for him, genuinely sad.

He Jiayu looked into her eyes and suddenly grinned. He slowly moved closer.

So close.

Su Xiaomo batted her long eyelashes, befuddled.

“Stop right there! I ate onions, garlic, and stinky tofu last night! Come any closer and I’ll throw up all over your face!”

Seeing the teenager’s sexy thin lips curl into a smile, she added in a hurry, “I’ll throw up in your mouth!”

He Jiayu didn’t know what to say. The two of them had had dinner together last night, and it had included none of those things.

Why couldn’t she admit that she was afraid of him kissing her… What was wrong with letting her guard down? Why did she have to appear brave all the time?

He brushed the hair away from her face with a gentle smile.

Su Xiaomo swallowed loudly, looking as innocent as any shy teenage girl.

Despite all the X-rated comics she had drawn… they had all only been in her head. She had never tried anything in real life!

If he really kissed her… Should she close her eyes? Or stick out her tongue? Shit, she knew the manual for conquering male idols front to back, but why was she this nervous?

“You, you, you… I – I’m telling you…” Su Xiaomo blushed and looked like a cooked shrimp. Seeing that He Jiayu still had that half-smile on his face, she stuck out her lips all of a sudden. “Say no more! Give it to me!”


The teenager took a sniff of her neck. “Hm? Give you what? A sniff?”

Su Xiaomo: “…”

Sniff your ass! I meant a kiss! He Jiayu, are you an idiot?!

She nearly cursed out loud. However, she then recalled that she had decided to be more ladylike, so she fought back her urge to tear He Jiayu into pieces and smiled inanely. “Hohoho… I was just kidding…”

He Jiayu smiled with her.

Su Xiaomo ground her teeth discreetly. Can you still smile if I have a knife in my hand now?!

Just when she was feeling so frustrated that she could see clouds gathering over her head, without warning, He Jiayu pressed his lips to hers!

Bang —

Everything went completely quiet.

She couldn’t hear anything and the world turned into a black-and-white silent movie. The warm touch on her lips was the only thing she could feel, and it was so vivid and so real.

Seeing the dumbfounded expression on her face, He Jiayu’s smile widened and his eyes were two little crescent moons. He sucked her pink lips gently and repeatedly, as if he was teasing her and caressing her at the same time…

It was only when Su Xiaomo’s head stopped working that he said with a smile, “I don’t smell any garlic, onion, or stinky tofu.”

There was only the sweet fragrance of a teenage girl.

Su Xiaomo’s cheeks flushed instantly. Without thinking, she struck with an open palm. “You scoundrel!”

He Jiayu put on an aggrieved face the next second. With one hand covering his cheek and his twinkling eyes and glistening thin lips, he didn’t look like a scoundrel at all. Rather, it would be more plausible to say that she was the one who had ravished him…

“What’s with that face?!” Su Xiaomo bellowed.

He Jiayu lowered his head, his voice helpless. “You have very strong hands…”

Pfft —

Su Xiaomo stole a glance at him. He was right — his cheek had gone red from that slap.

Overwhelmed by guilt, she didn’t even think before she pulled He Jiayu into her arms and comforted him. “There, there~ Let me give you a hug~ The pain will go away~”

He Jiayu: … Is this what the end of the world feels like?