Chapter 559: I Just Want to Hug You (5)

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“… Hm, why do I feel that something isn’t quite right?” He Jiayu asked sincerely, but Su Xiaomo glared back at him. “What isn’t quite right? You got a problem with me?”

Mr. Good Temper He Jiayu knew better than to argue with her.

A few drops of rain came down and a thundershower characteristic of the summer season soon followed. Everyone in the garden then ran inside to keep out of the rain.

“Let’s go.” He Jiayu strode out. Behind him, Su Xiaomo blushed and suddenly stuck out her hand, her cheeks puffed out nervously. “Together!”

Rain fell, forming a curtain between them.

He Jiayu was dazed for two seconds before he took Su Xiaomo’s hand in disbelief. Su Xiaomo blushed and bellowed, “Let’s go! You’ll catch a cold!”

There was a tug at her wrist, which made Su Xiaomo cry out in surprise. All of a sudden, He Jiayu picked her up and he spoke into her ear in his deep voice, his hot breath brushing against her skin.

“It’s faster this way.”

With Su Xiaomo in his arms, he effortlessly reached the eaves in quick and steady steps.

When Su Xiaomo was on the ground again, she had yet to recover from that dreamy experience. She wrapped her arms around his neck and said happily, “Again!”


“Like when girls say ‘I want a hug, pick me up’ — that kind of thing!” Su Xiaomo described, practically glowing. He Jiayu smiled, held Su Xiaomo by her waist, pulled her into his arms, and held her tight.

“Something like this?”

Su Xiaomo was over the moon at his soft voice and the thumping of his heart.

“That’ll do~” She wriggled in his arms and couldn’t stop smiling.

Taking shelter from the rain under the eaves while holding a loved one was the most wonderful experience in the whole world.

He Jiayu watched the heavy rain outside, his lips curled into a smile.

“He Jiayu, there’s still something I haven’t had the chance to tell you!” Su Xiaomo suddenly looked up at him.

He Jiayu smiled in resignation. “Not that thing that you want to tell me so much’ again?”

He had yet to recover from that “I want to tell you so much that you’re an idiot”!

“No, it’s not that. It’s a song. Let me sing it for you.” She then began to sing, clearly taking it very seriously.

However, as soon as she began, He Jiayu felt like begging her to stop.

If off-key could be measured in distance, she had just gone from Siberia to the Pacific!

Su Xiaomo asked after two lines, “Do you like my singing?”

He Jiayu said calmly, “Yes, of course.”

He had to say so if he still cherished his life!

Su Xiaomo was elated. This was the first time someone liked her singing!

She went on in a great mood, ” I think I’m happy

when I feel your warmth nearby

It’s as if the wind is twirling at my feet

This is a simple love song

about the white doves in our heart

I think it befits me

to be a bard

Our youth is drifting in the wind…

Do you know

Even if a downpour turns the city upside down

I’ll still hug you… I can’t bear to see you leave

Every second will be as unbearable as a year

Even if the whole world is kidnapped by loneliness

I won’t run away

In the end, no one can evade the passing of time. ”

She looked into his eyes as she sang, which magnified the impact and touched the deepest corners of his heart.

“That’s it! It’s so lonely to be on top! How am I such a great singer?” Su Xiaomo had switched to her narcissistic mode and couldn’t stop grinning. He Jiayu then pulled her into his arms.

“Hm… Do you understand what I’m telling you?”

He Jiayu took a deep breath and gave a “hm” in reply.

How could he not understand?

Be it the end of the world, the destruction of the earth, or the sun rising for the last time, all I want to do is hug you.

Su Xiaomo, I can’t live without you now.