Chapter 56: Xiaxia’s Spring Has Come (2)

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Sheng Yize’s reply was a dark expression.

She tried to laugh as Sheng Yize remained stoic. The atmosphere in the room felt so awkward.

Thankfully, at this moment, a knock on the door saved her.

Chi Yuanfeng carried a plate of fruit in and said with a smile, “Uncle An asked me to bring this for you guys.”

An Xiaxia quickly grabbed an apple as Sheng Yize facepalmed. “I can’t teach her. Your turn!”

Chi Yuanfeng excitedly jumped up and down as he exclaimed, “Ok, ok!”

Was there anything in this world that Brother Yize couldn’t handle?

An Xiaxia obediently flipped the page over and admitted, “I don’t know how to solve this one.”

Chi Yuanfeng immediately explained the question to her and An Xiaxia listened attentively, then wrote down her answer after he finished his explanation. Chi Yuanfeng then showed off. “Brother, Xiaxia is really easy to teach. Is it just that your method isn’t right?”

Sheng Yize smiled knowingly. “Go on. Try another one.”

For some unknown reason, Chi Yuanfeng broke into a cold sweat when he saw his expression.

He took out the physics textbook and asked An Xiaxia, “Which one do you not get?”

An Xiaxia coughed and randomly pointed at a question, “This one.”

Chi Yuanfeng glanced at it. It was an electrical circuit question which for him, was very simple. After thinking about it for a moment, he pointed at the lightbulb overhead. “Xiaxia, do you know whether the lights in your house are linked with parallel or in series circuits?”

An Xiaxia gave a fake smile. “Hehehe…”

Chi Yuanfeng couldn’t believe it. After explaining everything to her for so long, An Xiaxia still couldn’t understand anything.

Ten minutes later, Chi Yuanfeng was sprawled over the table. “I can’t teach her anymore! I’d rather die! Spare me!”

An Xiaxia rubbed her head, feeling like she had taken another blow.

Sheng Yize callously quipped with his vicious tongue, “An Xiaxia, how exactly did you even get into high school? Could it be that the teachers gave you an additional zero on your scores?”

An Xiaxia felt extremely hurt by his words, and angrily kicked both of them out of her room. “I need to sleep! Goodbye!”

Outside the door.

Chi Yuanfeng frowned as he asked him, “Brother, given Xiaxia’s capability… Are you still going to teach her?”

Sheng Yize strode off and replied matter-of-factly without looking back, “I’ll teach her. Why wouldn’t I teach her?”

Chi Yuanfeng suddenly felt that the silhouette before him was very saintly!

Brother Yize really was remarkable!




After the flag-raising ceremony, An Xiaxia returned to the classroom and plopped her head onto her desk.

Su Xiaomo came to find her and was shocked when she saw the weary An Xiaxia with bags under her eyes. “Oh my god, An Xiaxia, did you go mining? You look terrible!”

An Xiaxia glared at the devil beside her as she furiously vented, “Because I’ve been studying for the past two days! Every day was full of torture! And the person who tutored me is a weirdo!”

After she finished ranting, she immediately felt better. Sheng Yize’s cold gaze landed on her and An Xiaxia immediately changed what she said. “No, no, no. The one who tutored me is both handsome and clever!”

Su Xiaomo smirked, the corners of her lips curving up. “It looks like you’ve taken major damage… Oh right, a handsome guy from Class D just added me on QQ. He wants to confess his love to you, but he lacks the confidence to actually do it. He wants to meet with you for lunch in the canteen. Keke, Dummy Xia, your spring has finally come!”

An Xiaxia was dumbfounded as she responded, “What?”

Su Xiaomo smacked her on the head. “I saw his photos. He’s not bad looking, so remember to show up for lunch. What’s the point of being young if one doesn’t date! Who knows, this might end up being your true love!”

Su Xiaomo was excited. However, she couldn’t help but feel a chilly gaze aimed at her…