Chapter 562: Who Was She?

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Stealing a glance at An Yibei, who was still busy in the kitchen, An Xiaxia clicked the folder open, driven by curiosity.

In it was a zipped file. When An Xiaxia tried to unzip it, it asked for a password.

After staring blankly at the screen for two seconds, An Xiaxia’s face lit up. That wouldn’t be a problem for her!

She tried 0603 and hit enter…

It worked!

An Xiaxia wanted to give herself a big thumbs up. Speaking of which, it seemed that An Yibei had been using her birthday as his password ever since she was little, and had kept that habit…

The file only contained pictures. She clicked the first one open and saw that it was a photo of a woman taken from behind.

Somehow, it looked familiar. After searching her memory, An Xiaxia was baffled.

She recalled that… she had seen this picture on An Yibei’s computer before. An Yibei had stopped her and promised to grant her any random wish of hers. He just wouldn’t show her the picture.

She had always thought that this girl was An Yibei’s girlfriend.

Gosh! Her abstinent and sharp-tongued brother had actually found a girlfriend! Really?

An Xiaxia opened her eyes wide and checked the picture carefully, but she soon discovered something unusual.

Although the woman in the picture was still slim, the style of her clothes obviously belonged to a middle-aged woman. Even her hair had streaks of white in it.

An idea struck An Xiaxia and she clicked on the next picture.

She could see that woman’s profile now. She was sitting by a lake, staring into the distance. She was unbelievably beautiful and it almost took An Xiaxia’s breath away.

She remembered an oft quoted poem from her textbook: By riverside are cooing/ a pair of turtledoves/ a good young man is wooing/ a maiden fair he loves.

This woman was a perfect example of that fair maiden in the poem!

She was so beautiful!

As if she was mesmerized by the picture, An Xiaxia clicked the next one open.

This time, she could see the entire face.

With a crack, the mouse dropped on the floor. An Yibei called out in the kitchen, “What’s wrong?”

“N- nothing…” An Xiaxia said in a trembling voice. To stop herself from screaming, she stuffed her hand in her mouth and bit down.

The taste of blood filled her mouth, forcing her to calm down.

The woman in the picture looked identical to herself, only that she was a teenage girl and the woman was middle-aged!

Looking at this picture was like seeing herself in twenty or thirty years.

She was exquisite and remarkably beautiful. There was a tenderness about her that made her very pleasing to the eyes.

Compared with An Xiaxia, this woman was much more mature and had a special quality about her, as if with one look from her eyes, she could mesmerize a whole city.

Who on earth was this woman…

An Xiaxia picked up the mouse, summoned the last bit of strength she had, and clicked open the last picture.

A death certificate.

Name: Zhong Yue.

Time of death: X015/08/06.

Cause of death: Narcotics overdose. Respiratory and heart failure. Braindead.

An Xiaxia’s breath turned shallow.

She died last year in August?

The same summer when An Xiaxia got into Qixia?

For some unknown reason, An Xiaxia burst into tears. Her heart spasmed painfully and she gasped. She could barely breathe.

An Yibei walked out of the kitchen with a small bowl, calling out, “Try this and tell me if we need more chilli in it. Xiaxia?!”

An Yibei put down the bowl when he saw An Xiaxia and rushed to her side.

“What’s wrong? Don’t panic. Breathe in, breathe out… It’s ok. I’m here…”

His gaze then shifted to the computer screen and he snapped, “Who gave you permission to open this file?”

Her face was streaked with tears, but An Xiaxia was too weak to even wipe them away.

“Who was she?”