Chapter 563: Leave, Then

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An Yibei patted her on the back to calm her down, but his lips had pursed into a thin line and he simply wouldn’t give her an answer.

An Xiaxia asked between her sobs, “Who was she? Tell me. Why do we look the same… Why did she die…”

It was as if the most important person in her life had just disappeared and that was a feeling no one but those involved could understand.

An Xiaxia thought this feeling would kill her.

Listening to her weep, An Yibei felt a stabbing pain in his chest. He nearly told her the truth, but when he spoke, the words that came out were as sharp and malicious as ever. “There are so many lookalikes in this world. An Xiaxia, are you that conceited? Is that worth crying over?”

An Xiaxia stared at him, aghast, while An Yibei went on, “She was just a victim from an old case I took. You’re out of your mind!”

Out of her mind? Did he just call her that?

She was no longer a kid. Why was he trying to brush it off with such a lame excuse?

“Brother… I’m begging you. Please tell me who she was… And who was she to me…” An Xiaxia asked, still crying.

An Yibei smirked. “How could she have been anything to you? You’re imagining it. The only people that have anything to do with you are me, dad, and mum. There’s no one else!”

The more he denied it, the more angry An Xiaxia became.

She grit her teeth. “But I have nothing to do with you people! I’m not your biological sister!”

Hearing those words, An Yibei felt like he had just been electrocuted. He froze on the spot and it was only from his shaking fingers that one could tell how furious he was.

“An Xiaxia, I dare you to say that again!” he growled.

“Nothing! Nothing! I’m nothing to you!” An Xiaxia wiped her tears. “So you think you’re that awesome, do you? Apart from hurting other people with your malicious words, what else can you do? An Yibei, you’ve crossed the line!”

She was such a good-tempered girl that she had never talked back to her family since she was little. As if she was trying to vent her anger, she let it all out today.

An Yibei clenched his fists, blue veins popping on the back of his hands.

“Nothing? That’s what we get after raising you for over ten years?” An Yibei’s voice was frighteningly grim.

An Xiaxia looked away stubbornly. An Yibei bolted to his feet and said coldly, “Since we’re nothing to you, leave, then.”

“Why are you yelling at each other?” Papa An, who had been resting in bed, walked out of his room and leaned weakly on the door. He then heard what An Yibei said last and his face turned livid. “You brat! Don’t talk to your sister like that! Apologize!”

An Yibei smiled cruelly. “Sister? I’m sorry, but I don’t have one. Aren’t I yours and mum’s only child?”

“An Yibei!” Papa An was shocked. An Xiaxia sobbed and rose to her feet. She then put on her shoes and left.

Papa An wanted to run after her, but his current status wouldn’t allow him to do so. He could only scold An Yibei furiously, “What’s gotten into you today? How could you say such things to Xiaxia?”

His son wasn’t himself today.

An Yibei was silent for a moment, then said indifferently, “She had it coming.”

He slammed the laptop shut. Something had collapsed on the left side of his chest and the pain was excruciating.

An Xiaxia only made it a short distance after leaving home when someone called her name loudly.

“Xiaxia! Stop right there!”