Chapter 564: Shame On You! Call Me Father!

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“Huh?” An Xiaxia turned around, then a small figure dove into her arms like a small cannonball, who then gave her chest a pinch. “Nice! Pretty girl, come to my bed tonight!”

Such wild moves… could only come from Su Xiaomo.


Seeing the crestfallen look on An Xiaxia’s face, Su Xiaomo stopped joking around and asked nervously, “What’s wrong? You look awful… Why are your eyes so red?”

People were the most fragile when they were sad, and it was also the moment when words of concern were the most effective.

An Xiaxia sniveled, then buried her face in Su Xiaomo’s neck. “Momo… sob …”

She wept quietly, which frightened Su Xiaomo. She tried all she could to console her, but when she asked what happened, An Xiaxia wouldn’t tell her anything.

“Are you here for me?” An Xiaxia asked.

Su Xiaomo nodded eagerly, taking out two tickets from her pocket. “I’m here to give you this. Chi Yuanfeng’s solo concert is tonight. Let’s go together!”

An Xiaxia took the ticket and nodded.

Su Xiaomo’s eyes darted around. When they were waiting for a taxi, she sent Qi Yanxi a text message.

“Come to the concert. Meet you at the stadium.”

Qi Yanxi replied haughtily, “What? Asking me out? No way!”

Su Xiaomo: Oh, Xiaxia’s coming, too. So suit yourself!

Qi Yanxi changed his attitude immediately and sent her an ingratiating emoji. “Sister Mo! Oh, no, Brother Mo! Lord Mo! Please let me have the honor of keeping you safe!”

“Shame on you! Call me father!”

“Yes, father.”

“… Go away!”

Su Xiaomo had just gotten to the stadium with An Xiaxia when Qi Yanxi arrived in his sports car.

He took off his sunglasses and flashed an alluring smile at them, which raised a round of exclamations from passersby.

“Wow… He’s so handsome!”

“Is he a celebrity? Awww!”

“I think he’s really rich… I’ve seen that car online. It’s worth at least six figures…”


He parked the car and got out. With his wide shoulders, long legs, and an outfit fresh off the runway of Paris Fashion Week a few days ago, he was a headturner!

However, when he reached Su Xiaomo, he switched to humble mode right away. “Lord Momo, I’m at your service! Here, let me show you the way!”

An Xiaxia stared at him in disbelief. Su Xiaomo then snorted. “Your hand!”

Silently, Qi Yanxi raised an arm so that Su Xiaomo could put her hand on it. The three then walked in together.

The passersby were disillusioned.

“Gosh! He’s into that? That’s sick!!”

Su Xiaomo had gotten her tickets from He Jiayu and all three were in the best VIP area. Not only were they close to the stage, they even had seats!

After An Xiaxia sat down, she looked at the stage absentmindedly. Her mind had clearly wandered off elsewhere.

Su Xiaomo tugged at Qi Yanxi. “I think she had a fight with her family. You’re good at goofy things, so be goofy and cheer her up!”

Qi Yanxi gritted his teeth. “Is that the impression you have of me?”

“What do you think?”


Qi Yanxi did all he could: he sang, told jokes, and even offered up his own humiliating past with Sheng Yize. An Xiaxia only lifted a corner of her mouth slightly in response.

“Damn it! Have I lost my mojo?” Qi Yanxi said self-mockingly. Just then, the lights went off on stage and everyone quieted down.

When the lights turned back on, the audience was about to cheer, only to give frightened screams.

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Chapter 565: Accident (1)

Translator: Henyee Translations Editor: Henyee Translations

Chi Yuanfeng showed up on stage, dashing as ever. Behind him were the dancers. However, the impressive opening was interrupted by one of the girls among the dancers, who lunged at Chi Yuanfeng with a small dagger in her hand, the blade glinting coldly in the light…

She jumped at Chi Yuanfeng, brandishing the dagger and stabbing at him, guffawing as she did so.

Thanks to his dance training, Chi Yuanfeng dodged swiftly, but the girl was at his heels.

Her eerie giggle was broadcasted to the entire stadium through the microphone.

“I’ll kill you and you’ll be mine alone! Hahaha! Chi Yuanfeng, stop running!”

Everyone was screaming. An Xiaxia and Su Xiaomo were flabbergasted, while Qi Yanxi cursed in a low voice, kicked over the chair in front of him, and yelled at the camera crew a few steps away, “Don’t just stand there! Call security!”

The staff only seemed to wake up then and grabbed their intercoms to contact the security team. However, the situation up on stage was getting worse. The girl had probably had some kind of physical training and was very nimble herself. Even with the help of the other dancers, Chi Yuanfeng was still having a hard time evading her.

Backstage, He Jiayu and Sheng Yize saw what was happening on the monitor and both rose to their feet.

They were the special guests for this concert and were supposed to come out for the last song of the night. Right now, they couldn’t care less and beckoned at the staff. “Start the lift!”

“Um… It’s very dangerous up there now…”

“Just do it!”


The staff lowered the lift to their level and the two teenagers exchanged a look before quickly stepping onto it.

The audience screamed even louder when the two of them went on stage. Some fervid fans then tried to run up to help them, which only created a bigger pandemonium.

Sheng Yize reached Chi Yuanfeng in large strides and kicked the girl away. However, the girl was quite fit and was jumping at Chi Yuanfeng again in no time.

Chi Yuanfeng had nowhere to run this time. His face drained of all color as he fell backwards…

Behind him was the edge of the stage, which was a two-meter drop…

All of a sudden, someone dragged him forcibly to one side and there was a thump, as if something heavy had just fallen down…

Chi Yuanfeng looked back in a hurry, only to see that He Jiayu had fallen down himself in order to save him!

“Brother!” His desperate scream was magnified by his microphone. All the fans were baffled and the stadium grew silent again.

Over on the other end, Sheng Yize had brought that girl under control. He then gestured at the director, asking him to save the show.

The director’s knees almost buckled from what had just happened. He exchanged a few words in a whisper with the host of the concert and the latter gingerly went on stage and explained, “Um… How do you like the elaborate opening we’ve prepared for you? Hoho… Captain Yize was so agile, wasn’t he? He’s our special guest tonight…”

The audience found his words unconvincing. “What? Was that a performance? It didn’t seem like it…”

He Jiayu had been carried away already and the host lied through his ass. “Those were stuntmen you saw just then! Hoho, I believe that special performance has successfully caught your attention. Now, would you like to guess which song Fengfeng is going to sing first?”

Chi Yuanfeng stood dazed on the side. When Sheng Yize brushed past him, he whispered, “Give them a great concert. I’ll look after Jiayu.”

With what had happened, this was the best choice, or there would be another round of rumors about them.

Chi Yuanfeng nodded, his eyes brimming with tears.

In the audience.

“Xiaxia… That person that fell off the stage, was it He Jiayu?” Su Xiaomo asked with teary eyes.