Chapter 567: I’ve Had Enough of You (1)

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Half an hour later, the Porsche stopped at the foot of the tallest building in Yu City — Pearl Tower.

The tower was already closed at this hour, but Sheng Yize made a phone call and a staff showed up soon after to open the gate for them.

The two of them then went up to the top of the tower on a sightseeing lift. The observation deck was built from reinforced glass. With the vast starry night above and the myriad of city lights below, it was a double stimulation of one’s senses.

An Xiaxia was slightly acrophobic and wouldn’t go on the deck no matter what Sheng Yize said. He looked at her with disdain, then sat down with her on the stairs a little distance away from the observation deck.

“Why did you bring me here?” An Xiaxia asked.

Sheng Yize checked his watch and said casually, “There’s a meteor shower tonight.”

“Really?” An Xiaxia’s face lit up.

“It’s possible, but not a guarantee that we’ll be able to see it from this angle,” Sheng Yize explained. Seeing how excited the girl was, he smiled. “If there really was one, what wish will you make?”

An Xiaxia gave him an “are you an idiot” look. “Sheng Yize, how can you be so superstitious… That’s it. You’ve just ruined your image!”

Sheng Yize was a little embarrassed. “I thought all girls believe in such things, no?”

“Well… not me,” An Xiaxia said with frustration. “I saw one when I was little, but none of my wishes came true.”

“What wishes did you make?”

“I wished for someone to invent a machine that could do homework on its own… and that I could have as much toffee as I wanted… and that I could become a fairy!” An Xiaxia listed her wishes earnestly and the corner of Sheng Yize’s mouth twitched.

Did she actually think any of those wishes could ever come true?!

Sheng Yize smacked his forehead. “Don’t you have any realistic wishes? Tell me a few.”

What he meant was: Tell me your wishes and I’ll do my best to grant them .

Whatever clothes, bags, toys, models she wanted… or wherever she wanted to go, or any food she wanted to eat, he would spare no effort to fulfill her dreams.

An Xiaxia blinked, completely missing the hint the rich young master had just given her. After much consideration, she clenched her fists and said, “I want to grow to 160cm!”

The expectant Sheng Yize: … Fine.

What sort of wish was that?! Did she have any ambition at all?!

“I thought you were 160cm at your last physical exam?” Sheng Yize looked bemused. An Xiaxia jabbed her fingertips together, looking diffident. “I was standing on my toes…”

Sheng Yize snorted. “Hokay.”

An Xiaxia was hit hard when she compared her legs with his long ones. She then crossed her legs and looked up at the sky.

Stars twinkled in the deep blue night sky, giving it a bottomless look.

A chubby star suddenly made its way across the sky as if it was hurrying somewhere. It took awhile for the star to disappear completely.

An Xiaxia was dazed for a moment before she nudged Sheng Yize’s elbow. “What that a shooting star?!”

“Did you make a wish?” Sheng Yize asked.

An Xiaxia was crestfallen. “I forgot…”

Before she could say another word, the meteor shower started. The sky lit up and it was a magnificent scene.

“Make a wish now! Not the growing taller one! Something else!” Sheng Yize commanded.

An Xiaxia’s eyebrows furrowed as she tried to think of an idea. She then put her palms together and mumbled, “In that case, make Sheng Yize shorter! Amen!”

Sheng Yize was speechless.

“Wow, so we really can see the shooting stars from here!” A voice came from behind them. Interrupted, they turned around and saw Li Fanxing walking gracefully toward them in high heels.