Chapter 568: I’ve Had Enough of You (2)

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Beside her was a teenager who reminded one of orchids and jade trees.

“Heh…” he chuckled. “You’re here, too.”

He was talking to An Xiaxia.

An Xiaxia didn’t know what to say. How did Yin Qinghan and Li Fanxing end up together?

Li Fanxing was apparently surprised to see the two of them as well, but she regained her composure soon enough and even smiled at Sheng Yize in greeting. “Long time no see.”

Sheng Yize smiled back coldly. “I do wish this is the last time.”

“…” Embarrassed, Li Fanxing tried to hold Yin Qinghan’s arm. However, Yin Qinghan took a step forward at that moment — hard to tell whether he had done it on purpose or not — and her hand just happened to miss.

Li Fanxing had no choice but to draw it back.

Yin Qinghan went up to An Xiaxia, picked up her hand without any warning, and even rubbed and squeezed it.

An Xiaxia was baffled. “Hey, what do you think you’re doing?”

Sheng Yize, who was by their side, impassively kicked Yin Qinghan in his lower abdomen, which instantly sent Yin Qinghan flying back until he fell on the ground.

He broke out in a fit of coughing. “Your calluses are all gone. Have you really given up the violin?”

As a person who lived only for music, he had spent years looking for a worthy opponent. Seeing An Xiaxia give up so easily was worse than killing him!

An Xiaxia frowned. “That’s my own business. Why do you care?”

Yin Qinghan grinned sardonically. “You’re ridiculous…”

He struggled to rise to his feet. Li Fanxing looked concerned and came to help him, but he only pushed her off coldly. “Go away!”

The expression on Li Fanxing’s face turned rigid. Who the hell did this brat think he was? She would never have come on this date had it not been for the fact that the Li family needed the Yin family’s help with a project!

“I think you’ve crossed a line.” Li Fanxing forced a smile.

Yin Qinghan gave her a strange look. “Were you genuinely looking forward to going on a date with me? Miss Li, we’ve never met before and we’re here only because we need to follow our families’ instructions. Don’t tell me you think you’re my girlfriend now.”

The fourth biggest family in Yu City was the Mu family, which Yin Qinghan’s mother belonged to.

That was why Yin Qinghan could talk to her like that. It wasn’t out of pride, but because he had the confidence!

It was no better than actually slapping Li Fanxing in her face, not to mention Sheng Yize was also there to watch. Li Fanxing wished she could leave that instant!

Sheng Yize chimed in with a smile, “You have a point. I would keep my distance from her if I were you, for this woman will ditch you the moment she’s done using you. You’ll end up like that goofy Qi Yanxi.”

Yin Qinghan raised an eyebrow at the mention of the Qi family. He then struck up a conversation with Sheng Yize, not minding their earlier grudge at all.

Both were heirs to rich families and their topics covered everything from business and music to technology… The atmosphere between them was surprisingly congenial.

An Xiaxia went to another side to savor the view. Li Fanxing gritted her teeth and approached her discreetly.

“You must be thrilled to have a boyfriend like Sheng Yize, aren’t you?” Li Fanxing’s smile looked sinister.

An Xiaxia darted a glance at her, then ignored her completely.

Li Fanxing felt like tearing her to pieces. She then snickered. “I was going to save it for later, but I’ve had enough of you.”

An Xiaxia rolled her eyes, then began to roll up her sleeves.

A lady used her tongue and not her fists, but cursing was a bad habit; just hit her!

Li Fanxing was intimidated by her move and fell back. She then lowered her voice. “Don’t you want to know why your dad stopped being a doctor?”

An Xiaxia paused. Li Fanxing then added in an off-hand tone, “He used to be the best doctor in Yu City and a famous expert nationwide! But now… heh…”

“What are you implying?”