Chapter 57: Xiaxia’s Spring Has Come (3)

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Su Xiaomo looked around and the only two male creatures nearby were Sheng Yize and Kang Jian.

Eh… It couldn’t be Captain Yize glaring at her like that, right? It wasn’t like he actually liked An Xiaxia!

She turned around and as expected, Kang Jian’s expression had darkened. He looked like grass was going to shoot out of his head as he snarled, “Su Xiaomo! You’re introducing boyfriends to Xiaxia behind my back again! I already told you, Xiaxia is my childhood sweetheart and my future wife!”

Su Xiaomo rolled her eyes. “I don’t speak to idiots. It lowers my IQ.”

Kang Jian wailed as he rushed over and Su Xiaomo swiftly dodged. The two then began to tussle.

An Xiaxia gloomily tried to mediate. “Hey, hey, Worthless Kang, how can you hit a girl?! And how many times do I need to tell you, I’m not your wife! Don’t call me that, ok?!”

Kang Jian pitifully cried out, “F*ck, Su Xiaomo counts as a girl? Ouch, my face! Sis Mo, Sis Mo, forgive me. I know you’re a black belt in taekwondo… Please let me live! Also, Xiaxia, I promise I’ll marry you one day!”

While he was still in Su Xiaomo’s demon clutches and struggling bitterly, he felt a chill settle on his back.

Was there… someone glaring at him?

The morning passed quickly and the second the school bell rang, An Xiaxia took out a tube of lipstick from her school bag. She then used her cell phone screen as a mirror and carefully applied it.

She didn’t use much makeup and had only bought the lipstick to prevent her lips from chapping.

Sheng Yize had been displeased to begin with and his expression darkened further.

She was only having lunch with a boy; did she need to make herself up so much for it?!

He had lived with her for a while and had never seen her wear makeup even once!

After An Xiaxia finished applying the lipstick, she linked arms with Su Xiaomo and they headed for the canteen together. Kang Jian howled behind them, begging, “Xiaxia, don’t go. Don’t abandon me…”

Sheng Yize irritatedly kicked his desk as he watched the three of them leave.

Chi Yuanfeng and He Jiayu turned their heads in unison. Chi Yuanfeng asked gingerly, “Brother, are you alright?”

Ahem, he hadn’t pissed Sheng Yize off, had he? He couldn’t bear the consequences if Sheng Yize got angry!

“Let’s go. Lunch time,” Sheng Yize coldly replied as he stood up, one hand in his pocket.

He Jiayu nodded. With their special status, the trio feared they would cause a ruckus if they ate in the school canteen. Normally, their drivers would deliver lunch to the school and they would eat in a lounge which the school had specially prepared for them.

However, the direction Sheng Yize headed in today wasn’t the lounge at all!

He Jiayu asked aloud, “Yize, where are you going?”

He was given a two-word reply: “The canteen.”

Qixia High’s canteen.

Su Xiaomo led An Xiaxia to the designated spot, where a male student was already waiting for them.

Not far from them was the silently crying and beaten-up Kang Jian.

When the male student saw An Xiaxia, his face flushed and he greeted them as they sat down. He then meticulously asked for their food preferences and went to order for them.

“Wow, he’s not bad and really good-looking…” Su Xiaomo commented.

An Xiaxia didn’t feel anything. Perhaps it was because of living with the trio from Starry Night; she had gotten used to their faces and her standard for beauty had risen.

The two of them chatted when there was incessant screaming in the distance.

An Xiaxia curiously glanced toward the noise and saw three tall figures at the entrance of the canteen. They strode in as if they were surrounded by halos.

She couldn’t help but widen her eyes. What was going on? The Starry Night trio was actually going to eat lunch in the canteen?