Chapter 571: Get Lost!

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In a matter of seconds, that arrogant and bossy Luo Qianxi was reduced to such a sorry state!

The beating took her completely by surprise. She opened her mouth, but no sound came out.

Su Xiaomo released her from under her foot and pursed her mouth. So, this woman thought she could badmouth her? Fine, she would hit her in return.


“You – you hit me…?” Luo Qianxi came back to herself and was in utter disbelief.

Su Xiaomo rolled her eyes and leaned on the door in a cocky manner. “So?”

Luo Qianxi was infuriated by her “yes I hit you but what can you do to me” face.

“Bitch —” Luo Qianxi went back to her cursing and crying. “He Jiayu, how can you let your girlfriend hit me… Have you forgotten my sister? You have no heart!”

Su Xiaomo couldn’t take it anymore and slapped her again. “What’s wrong with you? He’s just had an operation and he needs to rest! Plus, I’m the one who hit you! Here, hit me back if you have a problem with that! Hit me or shut up!”

Luo Qianxi was completely baffled. She had never met a girl as tough as Su Xiaomo in her life!


“You what? Shut your mouth!” Su Xiaomo was as authoritative as Her Majesty. “One more word and I’ll rip your mouth open! You’re a minor actress no one knows, right? And that face is all you have? Bring it on, then, if you want to throw it away!”

Luo Qianxi flinched. She was still weeping, but didn’t dare say one word against Su Xiaomo now.

The nurse opened the door and looked displeased. “Are you two done? The patient has just woken up. Do you want him to get better or not?”

Luo Qianxi’s face lit up at those words. She stumbled in, lunged at He Jiayu’s bed, and howled.

“He Jiayu… Your girlfriend hit me! You heartless and ungrateful bastard!” A malicious look flickered in her eyes. That beating could be so useful! She could blackmail He Jiayu with it and get herself some more favors!

With a bandage wrapped around his head, He Jiayu gave her an indifferent look. Su Xiaomo charged in at that moment. Grabbing Luo Qianxi by her hair, she threw her out. “That’s right. Ungrateful, that’s what he is! And I’m in it with him! We’re a pair of wicked people and we don’t talk to sweet princesses like you! Get lost!”

She slammed the door behind her and locked it, leaving Luo Qianxi screaming frantically outside.

Su Xiaomo went back to the bed, sticking up a finger. “How many fingers are there?”

He Jiayu said in resignation, “Two.”

“Shit! You’re brain-damaged!” Su Xiaomo looked panic-stricken, and the corner of He Jiayu’s mouth twitched. However, she then smacked her lips in amazement. “I don’t mind. It’ll be easier to trick you like this.”


“Poor kid, I’m your dearest girlfriend and that thing out there is a bad fling you picked up somewhere!” Su Xiaomo caressed his handsome face, then scanned him from head to toe with her eyes, lingering for a moment somewhere below his belt. “You have a concussion and a broken arm, right? Is everything else… working properly?”

He Jiayu rolled his eyes. “Try it and you’ll see!”

It was a matter of male pride and the genteel teenager had no choice but to be explicit!

“Teehee,” Su Xiaomo guffawed. She then hopped up and sat down, straddling his waist!

“I’ve waited so long for this day!” Su Xiaomo gloated. “Tell me I’m the love of your life!”

He Jiayu: … Was he being ravished?

“Momo, come down and we’ll talk…” He Jiayu found her such a pain in the neck.

Su Xiaomo patted his butt. “Say it! Don’t play dumb!”