Chapter 572: Engagement (1)

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A flush suffused He Jiayu’s handsome face as he cleared his throat uneasily. “Get off me!”

Su Xiaomo grinned knowingly. “Why, are you worried that you won’t be able to take care of your boner? That’s ok. Only one of your arms is broken. You still have another one that works.”

Even someone as calm as He Jiayu couldn’t keep his composure at Su Xiaomo’s unrestrained remark.

“Momo…” There was a helplessness in his gentle voice.

Su Xiaomo wouldn’t cut him loose that easily. Wrapping her hands around his neck, she roared, “Are you going to get any of that unwanted attention again? Speak!”


“And other women?”


“Will you love anyone other than me?”



He Jiayu played along obediently. Outside, Luo Qianxi was about to explode with fury when she heard the conversation.

This was outrageous!

It was pure provocation! Flaunting! Showing off!

As Luo Qianxi burst into angry tears, Su Xiaomo hummed happily, taking pleasure in Luo Qianxi’s misfortune.

” Sob …” Luo Qianxi couldn’t take it anymore and ran off, still crying.

After getting what she wanted, Su Xiaomo snorted and was going to slide down.

A pair of warm hands clutched her waist, making sure she wasn’t going anywhere.

“Um… The show’s over! Let go of me!” Su Xiaomo tried to pry his hands loose.

She thought she was quite strong for a girl, but no matter how hard she tried, He Jiayu’s hands wouldn’t budge!

Shit! How come guys were all so strong? She vented her frustration in her head.

“Cast me aside the moment you’re through with me, will you? You heartless woman!” He Jiayu chuckled, but showed no intention of cutting her loose.

Su Xiaomo said in a hurry, “No, no. I do have a heart! XOXO!” She winked at He Jiayu, then began to squirm on top of him.

An unnatural flush suffused He Jiayu’s pale cheeks and he involuntarily loosened his grip.

Su Xiaomo grabbed the opportunity and hopped off the bed.

Tsk, tsk. She didn’t expect He Jiayu to be this shy! So, honey traps did have their merits!

Su Xiaomo was feeling so confident in her own charm when she happened to dart a glance at He Jiayu.

Why, was that a bump in the duvet? Was that where…

Su Xiaomo thought steam was going to shoot out of her ears. Was her honey trap too effective? She had given him a boner…

” Ahem … I’ll go get you something to eat. Be right back!” Blushing, she couldn’t flee the scene quickly enough.

He Jiayu sighed, closed his eyes, and held his breath, trying to suppress what Su Xiaomo had woken in him.

An Xiaxia cried herself to sleep that night. She had a bad cold when she woke up the next morning.

Unexpectedly, An Yibei had caught a cold, too.

Brother and sister gazed at each other in consternation, then one went to boil water, while the other went to fetch the medicine. After making a cup of lemsip each, they eyed each other awkwardly until An Xiaxia couldn’t take it anymore. “I’m sorry…”

“Yeah, I’m sorry, too,” An Yibei said casually.

Hence, they made up.

“I’m off to work now. School’s starting soon, isn’t it? Have you finished your summer vacation homework yet?”

“No…” An Xiaxia said in frustration. An Yibei then said with disdain, “Give me your maths and physics homework.”

Baffled, An Xiaxia gave those to him, which he casually put inside his briefcase before heading out.

Only after he was gone did An Xiaxia suddenly realize that her brother was going to do her homework for her!

Back when she couldn’t finish her homework, An Yibei had done it for her, imitating her handwriting.

A warmth welled up inside her — a feeling as sweet as honey.

Her phone then vibrated. Accepting the call, she heard Grandma Sheng’s voice on the other end. “Granddaughter-in-law, I miss you!”